Word Word
とげ Reading いら Reading
thorn Translation eng splinter Translation eng spine Translation eng biting words Translation eng Dorn Translation ger Stachel Translation ger Splitter Translation ger écharde Translation fre épine Translation fre piquant Translation fre

伊良 Word
いら Reading
scarbreast tuskfin (Choerodon azurio) Translation eng

いら Reading Ira Romaji

イラ Reading Ira Romaji

伊羅 Word
いら Reading Ira Romaji

伊良 Word
いら Reading Ira Romaji

為楽 Word
いら Reading Ira Romaji

衣羅 Word
いら Reading Ira Romaji

衣良 Word
いら Reading Ira Romaji

井羅 Word
いら Reading Ira Romaji

lang2 Reading Pinyin lang4 Reading Pinyin ロウ Reading On リョウ Reading On おとこ Reading Kun いら Nanori Nanori とう Nanori もん Nanori Nanori ろお Nanori rang Reading Korean Reading Korean
son Meaning counter for sons Meaning fils (enfant) Meaning fr compteur de fils Meaning fr hombre Meaning es hijo Meaning es sirviente Meaning es filho Meaning pt sufixo para contagem de filhos Meaning pt

イラーク Reading Jirak Romaji

イラーセク Reading Jirasek Romaji

イラーム Reading Ilam (Iran) Romaji

以来 Word
いらい Reading
since Translation eng henceforth Translation eng depuis Translation fre dorénavant Translation fre со вре́мени Translation rus по́сле (чего-л.) Translation rus

依頼 Word
いらい Reading
request Translation eng commission Translation eng dispatch Translation eng despatch Translation eng dependence Translation eng trust Translation eng Auftrag Translation ger Bitte Translation ger Gesuch Translation ger Abhängigkeit Translation ger demande Translation fre requête Translation fre

伊来 Word
いらい Reading Irai Romaji

伊礼 Word
いらい Reading Irai Romaji

伊來 Word
いらい Reading Irai Romaji

白石 Word
いらいし Reading Iraishi Romaji

依頼者 Word
いらいしゃ Reading
client Translation eng

イライシャ Reading Elisha Romaji

イライジャ Reading Elijah Romaji

依頼書 Word
いらいしょ Reading
written request Translation eng request for ... Translation eng application for ... Translation eng

依頼状 Word
いらいじょう Reading
written request Translation eng Bittschrift Translation ger

位田 Word
いらいだ Reading Iraida Romaji

イライト Reading
illite Translation eng

依頼人 Word
いらいにん Reading
client Translation eng Auftraggeber Translation ger

苛々 Word 苛苛 Word 刺々 Word 刺刺 Word
いらいら Reading
getting nervous Translation eng irritation Translation eng nervös Translation ger gereizt Translation ger erregt Translation ger ungeduldig Translation ger Nervosität Translation ger s'énerver Translation fre

イライラさせる Reading
to get beneath someone's skin Translation eng to in someone's hair Translation eng to irritate Translation eng

イライラしている Reading
to be irritated Translation eng to have the jumps Translation eng to be in a state Translation eng

答え Word Word 応え Word
こたえ Reading いらえ Reading
response Translation eng reply Translation eng answer Translation eng solution Translation eng Antwort Translation ger Erwiderung Translation ger Entgegnung Translation ger Bescheid Translation ger Ergebnis Translation ger Lösung Translation ger réponse Translation fre (1) отве́т Translation rus (2) реше́ние Translation rus отве́т (к задаче) Translation rus (3) о́тклик Translation rus о́тзвук Translation rus

伊良尾山 Word
いらおやま Reading Iraoyama Romaji

いらか Reading
roof tile Translation eng tiled roof Translation eng objects crowded together (e.g. houses) Translation eng

いらか Reading Iraka Romaji

meng2 Reading Pinyin ボウ Reading On ミョウ Reading On いらか Reading Kun maeng Reading Korean Reading Korean
roof tile Meaning tiled roof Meaning

甍段 Word いらか段 Word
いらかだん Reading
corbie-step Translation eng corbel gable Translation eng crowsteps Translation eng

五十川 Word
いらかわ Reading Irakawa Romaji

五十川 Word
いらがわ Reading Iragawa Romaji

入良川 Word
いらがわ Reading Iragawa Romaji

イラク Reading
Iraq Translation eng {Ländern.} Irak Translation ger (Staat in Vorderasien) Translation ger Ирак Translation rus

イラク Reading Iraq Romaji

為楽 Word
いらく Reading Iraku Romaji

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