yu2 Reading Pinyin Reading On おそれ Reading Kun おもんぱか. Reading Kun はか. Reading Kun うれ.える Reading Kun あざむ. Reading Kun あやま. Reading Kun のぞ. Reading Kun たの.しむ Reading Kun すけ Nanori もち Nanori やす Nanori u Reading Korean Reading Korean
expectation Meaning consideration Meaning uneasiness Meaning fear Meaning anxiety Meaning concern Meaning crainte Meaning fr peur Meaning fr anxiété Meaning fr inquiétude Meaning fr desasosiego Meaning es ansiedad Meaning es preocupación Meaning es aprensión Meaning es Mal-estar Meaning pt medo Meaning pt ansiedade Meaning pt assunto Meaning pt

lu:4 Reading Pinyin リョ Reading On おもんぱく. Reading Kun おもんぱか. Reading Kun Nanori ryeo Reading Korean Reading Korean
prudence Meaning thought Meaning concern Meaning consider Meaning deliberate Meaning fear Meaning prudence Meaning fr idée Meaning fr sollicitude Meaning fr considérer Meaning fr délibérer Meaning fr peur Meaning fr prudencia Meaning es consideración Meaning es deliberación Meaning es considerar Meaning es deliberar Meaning es prudência Meaning pt pensamento Meaning pt assunto Meaning pt considera Meaning pt deliberate Meaning pt medo Meaning pt

慮り Word
おもんぱかり Reading
thought Translation eng consideration Translation eng fears Translation eng Nachdenken Translation ger Bedachtsamkeit Translation ger Vernunft Translation ger List Translation ger Kunstgriff Translation ger Kriegslist Translation ger

慮る Word
おもんぱかる Reading
to consider Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger denken Translation ger bedenken Translation ger berücksichtigen Translation ger in Betracht ziehen Translation ger

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