jiang1 Reading Pinyin jiang4 Reading Pinyin ショウ Reading On ソウ Reading On まさ. Reading Kun はた Reading Kun まさ Reading Kun ひきい. Reading Kun もって Reading Kun かつ Nanori かつり Nanori すすむ Nanori たか Nanori ゆき Nanori jang Reading Korean Reading Korean
leader Meaning commander Meaning general Meaning admiral Meaning or Meaning and again Meaning soon Meaning from now on Meaning just about Meaning dirigeant Meaning fr commandant Meaning fr général Meaning fr amiral Meaning fr ou Meaning fr l'un après l'autre Meaning fr bientôt Meaning fr à partir de maintenant Meaning fr à peu près Meaning fr líder Meaning es cargo Meaning es mando Meaning es mandar Meaning es de ahora en adelante Meaning es líder Meaning pt comandante Meaning pt general Meaning pt almirante Meaning pt ou Meaning pt e outra vez Meaning pt logo Meaning pt de agora em diante Meaning pt somente sobre isto Meaning pt

he2 Reading Pinyin he4 Reading Pinyin huo2 Reading Pinyin huo4 Reading Pinyin huo5 Reading Pinyin hai1 Reading Pinyin he5 Reading Pinyin Reading On Reading On Reading On やわ.らぐ Reading Kun やわ.らげる Reading Kun なご. Reading Kun なご.やか Reading Kun あい Nanori いず Nanori かず Nanori かつ Nanori かつり Nanori かづ Nanori たけ Nanori Nanori とも Nanori Nanori にぎ Nanori まさ Nanori やす Nanori よし Nanori より Nanori わだこ Nanori わっ Nanori hwa Reading Korean Reading Korean
harmony Meaning Japanese style Meaning peace Meaning soften Meaning Japan Meaning harmonie Meaning fr style japonais Meaning fr paix Meaning fr adoucir Meaning fr Japon Meaning fr armonía Meaning es paz Meaning es estilo japonés Meaning es suavizar Meaning es calmar Meaning es tranquilo Meaning es armonioso Meaning es harmonia Meaning pt estilo Japonês Meaning pt paz Meaning pt amaciar Meaning pt Japão Meaning pt

活量 Word
かつりょう Reading
activity Translation eng {Chem.} Aktivität Translation ger (wirksame Konzentration in einer Lösung) Translation ger

活力 Word
かつりょく Reading
vitality Translation eng energy Translation eng Lebenskraft Translation ger Vitalität Translation ger Lebensdrang Translation ger Lebensenergie Translation ger Lebenstrieb Translation ger énergie Translation fre vitalité Translation fre

月輪 Word
げつりん Reading がつりん Reading がちりん Reading
(full) moon Translation eng moon when it's round Translation eng Mond Translation ger Mondscheibe Translation ger Vollmond Translation ger

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