くだん Reading
the above-mentioned Translation eng the said Translation eng (man, incident, etc.) in question Translation eng the usual Translation eng Angelegenheit Translation ger Fall Translation ger Sache Translation ger (i.Allg. in den Konstruktionen "kudan no" od. "kudan no gotoshi") Translation ger

九段 Word
くだん Reading Kudan Romaji

くだん Reading Kudan Romaji

jian4 Reading Pinyin ケン Reading On くだん Reading Kun geon Reading Korean Reading Korean
affair Meaning case Meaning matter Meaning item Meaning affaire Meaning fr cas Meaning fr matière Meaning fr article Meaning fr asunto Meaning es caso Meaning es romance Meaning pt caso Meaning pt matéria Meaning pt item Meaning pt

九段北 Word
くだんきた Reading Kudankita Romaji

九団次 Word
くだんじ Reading Kudanji Romaji

九反地 Word
くたんじ Reading Kutanji Romaji

九段下 Word
くだんした Reading Kudanshita Romaji

九反田 Word
くたんだ Reading Kutanda Romaji

クタンプチ Reading Ketamputih Romaji

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