Word 綴り Word
つづり Reading
spelling Translation eng patching Translation eng binding Translation eng orthography Translation eng Buchstabieren Translation ger Rechtschreibung Translation ger Orthographie Translation ger Silbe Translation ger écriture Translation fre notation Translation fre assemblage Translation fre composition Translation fre orthographe Translation fre

つづり Reading Tsudzuri Romaji

つづり Reading Tsudzuri Romaji

綴璃 Word
つづり Reading Tsudzuri Romaji

zhui4 Reading Pinyin テイ Reading On テツ Reading On テチ Reading On ゲツ Reading On .じる Reading Kun つづ. Reading Kun つづり Reading Kun すみ.やか Reading Kun cheol Reading Korean che Reading Korean Reading Korean Reading Korean
compose Meaning spell Meaning write Meaning bind (books) Meaning composición Meaning es encuadernación Meaning es ortografía Meaning es deletreo Meaning es componer Meaning es escribir Meaning es encuadernar Meaning es

綴り合わせる Word
つづりあわせる Reading
to bind together Translation eng zusammenbinden Translation ger zusammenheften Translation ger

綴り方 Word 綴方 Word つづり方 Word
つづりかた Reading
(way of) literary composition Translation eng (way of) spelling Translation eng school composition Translation eng Aufsatz Translation ger Aufsatzschreiben Translation ger Orthographie Translation ger
作文 Crossref

綴木 Word
つづりぎ Reading Tsudzurigi Romaji

綴子 Word
つづりこ Reading Tsudzuriko Romaji

綴り字 Word
つづりじ Reading
spelling Translation eng

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