Word 強者 Word
つわもの Reading きょうしゃ Reading
soldier Translation eng warrior Translation eng strong man Translation eng exceptional person Translation eng man of courage Translation eng (schriftspr.) Soldat Translation ger mutiger Mann Translation ger боец Translation rus солдат Translation rus воин Translation rus
つわもの Restriction

rong2 Reading Pinyin ジュウ Reading On えびす Reading Kun つわもの Reading Kun えび Nanori yung Reading Korean Reading Korean
warrior Meaning arms Meaning barbarian Meaning Ainu Meaning

bing1 Reading Pinyin ヘイ Reading On ヒョウ Reading On つわもの Reading Kun Nanori byeong Reading Korean Reading Korean
soldier Meaning private Meaning troops Meaning army Meaning warfare Meaning strategy Meaning tactics Meaning soldat Meaning fr simple soldat Meaning fr troupes Meaning fr armée Meaning fr guerre Meaning fr stratégie Meaning fr tactique Meaning fr soldado Meaning es marinero Meaning es tropa Meaning es soldado Meaning pt particular Meaning pt tropas Meaning pt exército Meaning pt guerra Meaning pt estratégia Meaning pt tática Meaning pt

zhang4 Reading Pinyin ジョウ Reading On チョウ Reading On つえ Reading Kun つわもの Reading Kun まわり Reading Kun よる Reading Kun jang Reading Korean Reading Korean
cane Meaning stick Meaning

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