Character one; a, an; alone Definition 1 Value
YI1 Pinyin jat1 Jyutping ICHI ITSU On HITOTSU HITOTABI HAJIME Kun Hangul IL Korean *qit qit Tang nhất Viet

いち Reading ひと Reading
one Translation eng best in Translation eng the most (...) in (where an adjective follows) Translation eng eins Translation ger un Translation fre один Translation rus

一つ Word 1つ Word Word
ひとつ Reading
one Translation eng for one thing (often used in itemized lists) Translation eng (after a noun) only Translation eng (with a verb in negative form) (not) even Translation eng just (i.e. "just try it") Translation eng ein Translation ger Stuck Translation ger ... Translation ger derselbe Translation ger dasselbe Translation ger einerseits Translation ger zum einen Translation ger zum Teil Translation ger nicht einmal Translation ger nicht ein einziges Translation ger (mit Verneinung) Translation ger nur Translation ger nur ein wenig Translation ger ein Jahr alt Translation ger un Translation fre один Translation rus

Radical Radical
one Meaning

いち Reading Ichi Romaji

いつ Reading Itsu Romaji

いる Reading Iru Romaji

おさむ Reading Osamu Romaji

かず Reading Kazu Romaji

かずは Reading Kazuha Romaji

こころ Reading Kokoro Romaji

すすむ Reading Susumu Romaji

つかさ Reading Tsukasa Romaji

でかた Reading Dekata Romaji

にのまえ Reading Ninomae Romaji

はじむ Reading Hajimu Romaji

はじめ Reading Hajime Romaji

ひと Reading Hito Romaji

ひとし Reading Hitoshi Romaji

ひとつ Reading Hitotsu Romaji

ひゆう Reading Hiyuu Romaji

まこと Reading Makoto Romaji

もと Reading Moto Romaji

Traditional Simplified
yi1 Pinyin
one English 1 English single English a (article) English as soon as English entire English whole English all English throughout English "one" radical in Chinese characters (Kangxi radical 1) English

yi1 Reading Pinyin イチ Reading On イツ Reading On ひと- Reading Kun ひと. Reading Kun かず Nanori Nanori いっ Nanori いる Nanori かつ Nanori かづ Nanori てん Nanori はじめ Nanori Nanori ひとつ Nanori まこと Nanori il Reading Korean Reading Korean
one Meaning one radical (no.1) Meaning un Meaning fr radical un (no. 1) Meaning fr uno Meaning es 1 Meaning es um Meaning pt

一‥就 Traditional 一‥就 Simplified
yi1 jiu4 Pinyin
sobald....dann (u.E.) Deutsch

一…就 Traditional 一…就 Simplified
yi1 jiu4 Pinyin
sobald (u.E.) Deutsch

一A就B Traditional 一A就B Simplified
yi1 A jiu4 B Pinyin
sobald A dann B (u.E.) Deutsch

一いき Word
いちいき Reading Ichiiki Romaji

一から Word
いちから Reading
from the beginning Translation eng from scratch Translation eng

一から十迄 Word 一から十まで Word
いちからじゅうまで Reading
from A to Z Translation eng without exception Translation eng in every particular Translation eng

一か八か Word
いちかばちか Reading
sink or swim Translation eng high-stakes Translation eng desperate Translation eng Herausfordern des Glücks Translation ger Vabanquespiel Translation ger

一か所 Word 一ヶ所 Word 一箇所 Word 一ケ所 Word
いっかしょ Reading
one place Translation eng the same place Translation eng Ort Translation ger Platz Translation ger Stelle Translation ger Passage Translation ger Teil Translation ger одно место Translation rus то же место Translation rus

一ヶ月 Word 一箇月 Word 一か月 Word 一ケ月 Word
いっかげつ Reading
one month Translation eng Monat Translation ger un mois Translation fre один месяц Translation rus

一ヶ乢 Word
いちがたわ Reading Ichigatawa Romaji

一ケ谷 Word
いちがや Reading Ichigaya Romaji

一ヶ谷 Word
いちがたに Reading Ichigatani Romaji

一ヶ滝 Word
いちがたき Reading Ichigataki Romaji

一齣 Word 一こま Word 一駒 Word
ひとこま Reading
scene Translation eng frame Translation eng shot Translation eng {Film, Theat.} Szene Translation ger Abschnitt Translation ger Einstellung Translation ger Bild Translation ger

一ころ Word
いちころ Reading
trouncing Translation eng beating somebody hands down Translation eng

歹偏 Word
がつへん Reading
kanji "bare bone" radical at left Translation eng
一タ偏 Crossref

一タ偏 Word
いちたへん Reading
kanji "bare bone" radical at left Translation eng
歹偏 Crossref

一つずつ Word 一つづつ Word 一つ宛 Word
ひとつずつ Reading ひとつづつ Reading
one by one Translation eng one each Translation eng one at a time Translation eng
ずつ Crossref

一つは Word 一は Word
ひとつは Reading
for one thing Translation eng

一っゑ Word
いっゑ Reading Itsue Romaji

一っゑ Word
いつえ Reading Itsue Romaji

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