Character second; 2nd heavenly stem Definition
YI3 Pinyin jyut3 jyut6 Jyutping OTSU On KINOTO OTO Kun Hangul UL Korean qyit Tang ất Viet

おつ Reading
thank you Translation eng goodbye Translation eng goodnight Translation eng second (party to an agreement) Translation eng the B party (e.g. in a contract) Translation eng the latter Translation eng strange Translation eng quaint Translation eng stylish Translation eng chic Translation eng spicy Translation eng queer Translation eng witty Translation eng tasty Translation eng romantic Translation eng zweiter Translation ger (in einer Serie) Translation ger B-Qualität Translation ger gut Translation ger deuxième signe du zodiaque chinois Translation fre deuxiéme dans l'ordre Translation fre étrange Translation fre chic Translation fre piquant Translation fre romantique Translation fre spirituel Translation fre
御疲れ様 Crossref

きのと Reading
2nd in rank Translation eng second sign of the Chinese calendar Translation eng {Astrol.} zweites der zehn Kalenderzeichen Translation ger

Radical Radical
second Meaning

いつ Reading Itsu Romaji

おっと Reading Otto Romaji

おつ Reading Otsu Romaji

おと Reading Oto Romaji

おとめ Reading Otome Romaji

きのと Reading Kinoto Romaji

Traditional Simplified
zhe2 Pinyin
turning stroke (in Chinese characters) English see also |[zhe2] English

yi3 Reading Pinyin オツ Reading On イツ Reading On おと- Reading Kun きのと Reading Kun eul Reading Korean Reading Korean
the latter Meaning duplicate Meaning strange Meaning witty Meaning fishhook radical (no. 5) Meaning radical hameçon (no. 5) Meaning fr chic Meaning fr signe du 2ème tronc céleste Meaning fr dernier Meaning fr second Meaning fr étrange Meaning fr segundo Meaning es duplicado Meaning es extraño Meaning es ingenioso Meaning es elegante Meaning es o último Meaning pt duplicar Meaning pt engenhoso Meaning pt estranho Meaning pt

Traditional Simplified
ya4 Pinyin
|[hao2] Variant |[yi3] Variant
component in Chinese characters English

Traditional Simplified
zhe2 Pinyin
|[zhe2] Variant

乙ケ部 Word
おとがべ Reading Otogabe Romaji

乙ヶ瀬 Word
おとがせ Reading Otogase Romaji

乙ケ林 Word
おかばやし Reading Okabayashi Romaji

乙ヶ林 Word
おかばやし Reading Okabayashi Romaji

乙ケ迫 Word
おとがさこ Reading Otogasako Romaji

乙ヶ浦 Word
おとがうら Reading Otogaura Romaji

乙ヶ妻 Word
おっかづま Reading Okkaduma Romaji

乙ケ崎 Word
おとがさき Reading Otogasaki Romaji

乙ヶ崎 Word
おとがさき Reading Otogasaki Romaji

乙な味 Word
おつなあじ Reading
strange taste Translation eng spicy taste Translation eng ausgefallener Geschmack Translation ger delikater Geschmack Translation ger goût singulier Translation fre goût surprenant Translation fre

乙に澄ます Word
おつにすます Reading
to affect a serene mood Translation eng affect a serious demeanor Translation eng to act prudishly Translation eng to assume an air of superiority Translation eng sich zickig benehmen Translation ger sich affektiert verhalten Translation ger

乙の水 Word
おとのみず Reading Otonomizu Romaji

乙め Word
おとめ Reading Otome Romaji

乙愛 Word
おとあ Reading Otoa Romaji

乙愛 Word
とあ Reading Toa Romaji

乙安 Word
おとやす Reading Otoyasu Romaji

乙氨基 Traditional 乙氨基 Simplified
yi3 an1 ji1 Pinyin
ethylamino group English

乙巴 Word
おとは Reading Otoha Romaji

乙坂 Word
おざか Reading Ozaka Romaji

乙坂 Word
おつさか Reading Otsusaka Romaji

乙坂 Word
おつざか Reading Otsuzaka Romaji

乙坂 Word
おとさか Reading Otosaka Romaji

乙坂 Word
おとざか Reading Otozaka Romaji

乙浜 Word
おとはま Reading Otohama Romaji

乙宝寺 Word
おつほうじ Reading Otsuhouji Romaji

乙保 Word
おつやす Reading Otsuyasu Romaji

乙苯 Traditional 乙苯 Simplified
yi3 ben3 Pinyin
Ethylbenzol, Ethylbenzen (S, Chem) Deutsch

乙比古 Word
おとひこ Reading Otohiko Romaji

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