Character low; to lower, hang, bend, bow Definition
DI1 Pinyin dai1 Jyutping TEI On HIKUI Kun Hangul CE Korean *dei dei Tang đây Viet

Traditional Simplified
di1 Pinyin
low English beneath English to lower (one's head) English to let droop English to hang down English to incline English

Traditional Simplified
di1 Pinyin
niedrig (u.E.) (Adv) Deutsch

di1 Reading Pinyin テイ Reading On ひく. Reading Kun ひく.める Reading Kun ひく.まる Reading Kun jeo Reading Korean Reading Korean
lower Meaning short Meaning humble Meaning bas Meaning fr petit (taille) Meaning fr humble Meaning fr bajo Meaning es barato Meaning es humilde Meaning es pequeño Meaning es bajar Meaning es ser bajado Meaning es abaixe Meaning pt humilde Meaning pt curto Meaning pt

高い Word 高価い Word
たかい Reading
high Translation eng tall Translation eng expensive Translation eng hoch Translation ger groß Translation ger teuer Translation ger kostbar Translation ger kostspielig Translation ger laut Translation ger hochgestellt Translation ger vornehm Translation ger edel Translation ger scharf Translation ger genau Translation ger tief Translation ger hoch Translation ger schrill Translation ger berühmt Translation ger berüchtigt Translation ger élevé Translation fre cher Translation fre grand Translation fre haut Translation fre высокий Translation rus дорогой Translation rus

低い Word
ひくい Reading
low (height, tone, rank, degree, cost, etc.) Translation eng short Translation eng niedrig Translation ger klein Translation ger flach Translation ger tief Translation ger leise Translation ger bescheiden Translation ger demütig Translation ger niedrig Translation ger von niedriger Herkunft Translation ger gemein Translation ger bas Translation fre низкий Translation rus

低カロリー Word
ていカロリー Reading
low-calorie Translation eng

低く Word
ひくく Reading
lowering Translation eng bringing down Translation eng tief Translation ger niedrig Translation ger

低コスト Word
ていコスト Reading
low cost Translation eng

低まる Word
ひくまる Reading
to lower Translation eng to be lowered Translation eng niedrig werden Translation ger être abaissé Translation fre

低める Word
ひくめる Reading
to lower Translation eng to be lowered Translation eng niedrig machen Translation ger tief machen Translation ger abaisser Translation fre

低レベル Word
ていレベル Reading
low level Translation eng

低矮 Traditional 低矮 Simplified
di1 ai3 Pinyin
short English low English

低矮 Traditional 低矮 Simplified
di1 ai3 Pinyin
nieder (u.E.) (Adj) Deutsch

低昂 Traditional 低昂 Simplified
di1 ang2 Pinyin
ups and down English rise and fall English

低八度 Traditional 低八度 Simplified
di1 ba1 du4 Pinyin
lower octave (music) English

低層 Traditional 低层 Simplified
di1 ceng2 Pinyin
low level English

低層 Traditional 低层 Simplified
di1 ceng2 Pinyin
Tiefe (u.E.) (S) Deutsch Tiefstand (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

低層 Word
ていそう Reading
low class (society) Translation eng niedrige Höhe Translation ger (z.B. eines Gebäudes) Translation ger

低產 Traditional 低产 Simplified
di1 chan3 Pinyin
low yield English

低償 Traditional 低偿 Simplified
di1 chang2 Pinyin
Deckung (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

低唱 Word
ていしょう Reading
hum Translation eng singing softly Translation eng Summen Translation ger leises Singen Translation ger

低潮 Word
ていちょう Reading
low tide Translation eng Niedrigwasser Translation ger
引潮 Crossref

引き潮 Word 引潮 Word 引き汐 Word 干潮 Word
ひきしお Reading かんちょう Reading
ebb tide Translation eng {Naturphän.} Ebbe Translation ger marée basse Translation fre отли́в Translation rus
低潮 Crossref

低潮 Traditional 低潮 Simplified
di1 chao2 Pinyin
low tide English

低沉 Traditional 低沉 Simplified
di1 chen2 Pinyin
overcast English gloomy English downcast English deep and low (of sound) English muffled English

低成本 Traditional 低成本 Simplified
di1 cheng2 ben3 Pinyin
low cost English inexpensive English

低成本 Traditional 低成本 Simplified
di1 cheng2 ben3 Pinyin
billig, nicht teuer (u.E.) Deutsch

低成長 Word
ていせいちょう Reading
small (low) growth Translation eng geringes Wachstum Translation ger faible croissance Translation fre

低遅延 Word
ていちえん Reading
low delay Translation eng

低垂 Traditional 低垂 Simplified
di1 chui2 Pinyin
drooping English hanging low English

低次元 Word
ていじげん Reading
low-level Translation eng coarse Translation eng vulgar Translation eng low-dimension Translation eng niedriges Niveau Translation ger Drittklassigkeit Translation ger Vulgarität Translation ger

低檔 Traditional 低档 Simplified
di1 dang4 Pinyin
low-grade English of low worth or rank English poor quality English inferior English

低等 Traditional 低等 Simplified
di1 deng3 Pinyin
inferior English

低等 Traditional 低等 Simplified
di1 deng3 Pinyin
untergeordnet, schlechter, niedere (u.E.) Deutsch

低等動物 Traditional 低等动物 Simplified
di1 deng3 dong4 wu4 Pinyin
lower animal English primitive life-form English

低低切切 Traditional 低低切切 Simplified
di1 di1 qie4 qie4 Pinyin
in a low voice English whispered English

低地 Word
ていち Reading
depression Translation eng lowlands Translation eng low ground Translation eng bottom land Translation eng plain Translation eng Niederung Translation ger Tiefland Translation ger Tiefebene Translation ger Unterland Translation ger terrain bas Translation fre

低地 Traditional 低地 Simplified
di1 di4 Pinyin
lowland English

低地德語 Traditional 低地德语 Simplified
di1 di4 de2 yu3 Pinyin
Plattdeutsch (S, Sprachw) Deutsch

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