Character supply, provide for; offer in worship Definition
GONG1 GONG4 Pinyin gung1 gung3 Jyutping KYOU KU On SONAERU TOMO SONAE Kun Hangul KONG Korean *giong giong Tang cung Viet

Word Word Word
とも Reading
companion Translation eng follower Translation eng attendant Translation eng retinue Translation eng Gefolge Translation ger Begleiter Translation ger accompagnateur Translation fre suivant Translation fre
お供・おとも Crossref

Traditional Simplified
gong1 Pinyin
offer (information etc) English supply English

Traditional Simplified
gong4 Pinyin
offer English sacrificial offering English trial statement English confession English

gong1 Reading Pinyin gong4 Reading Pinyin キョウ Reading On Reading On クウ Reading On Reading On そな.える Reading Kun とも Reading Kun -ども Reading Kun gong Reading Korean Reading Korean
submit Meaning offer Meaning present Meaning serve (meal) Meaning accompany Meaning présenter Meaning fr offrir Meaning fr soumettre Meaning fr proposer Meaning fr accompagner Meaning fr servir (plat) Meaning fr pluriel cérémonieux Meaning fr ofrecer Meaning es entregar Meaning es expresar Meaning es mencionar Meaning es acompañante Meaning es submeter Meaning pt oferecer Meaning pt presentear Meaning pt servir (refeição) Meaning pt acompanhar Meaning pt

お供 Word 御供 Word
おとも Reading
attendant Translation eng companion Translation eng Begleitung Translation ger (eines Vorgesetzter) Translation ger Begleiter Translation ger accompagner Translation fre compagnon Translation fre
供・とも Crossref

供え Word
そなえ Reading
offering Translation eng

供える Word
そなえる Reading
to offer Translation eng to sacrifice Translation eng to dedicate Translation eng darbringen Translation ger opfern Translation ger weihen Translation ger feierlich widmen Translation ger dédier Translation fre offrir Translation fre présenter Translation fre sacrifier Translation fre

供物 Word 供え物 Word
くもつ Reading そなえもの Reading
offering Translation eng Opfergabe Translation ger Votivgabe Translation ger offrande Translation fre

供す Word
きょうす Reading
to offer Translation eng to present Translation eng to submit Translation eng to serve (a meal) Translation eng to supply Translation eng
供する Crossref

供する Word
きょうする Reading
to offer Translation eng to present Translation eng to submit Translation eng to serve (a meal) Translation eng to supply Translation eng Opfer Translation ger Opfergabe Translation ger Weihgabe Translation ger Bewirtung Translation ger Einladung Translation ger Aussage Translation ger

供保 Word
くぼ Reading Kubo Romaji

供參考 Traditional 供参考 Simplified
gong1 can1 kao3 Pinyin
zur Information (u.E.) Deutsch

供長 Word
ともなが Reading Tomonaga Romaji

供稱 Traditional 供称 Simplified
gong4 cheng1 Pinyin
to make a confession (law) English

供出 Word
きょうしゅつ Reading
delivery Translation eng Lieferung Translation ger Ablieferung Translation ger (insbes. Reis, Weizen o.Ä.) Translation ger livraison Translation fre remise Translation fre

供川 Word
きょうかわ Reading Kyoukawa Romaji

供詞 Traditional 供词 Simplified
gong4 ci2 Pinyin
statement of confession English

供村 Word
ともむら Reading Tomomura Romaji

供大於求 Traditional 供大于求 Simplified
gong1 da4 yu2 qiu2 Pinyin
supply exceeds demand English

供電 Traditional 供电 Simplified
gong1 dian4 Pinyin
supply electricity English

供二郎 Word
きょうじろう Reading Kyoujirou Romaji

供方 Traditional 供方 Simplified
gong1 fang1 Pinyin
Anbieterseite (S, Wirtsch) Deutsch

供房 Traditional 供房 Simplified
gong1 fang2 Pinyin
to buy a house on a mortgage English house mortgage English

供風 Traditional 供风 Simplified
gong1 feng1 Pinyin
Zuluft (u.E.) (S, Tech) Deutsch

供奉 Word
ぐぶ Reading
accompanying Translation eng being in attendance on Translation eng Gefolge Translation ger Begleitung Translation ger

供佛花 Traditional 供佛花 Simplified
gong4 fo2 hua1 Pinyin
flower offering English

供給 Traditional 供给 Simplified
gong1 ji3 Pinyin
to furnish English to provide English supply (as in supply and demand) English

供給 Traditional 供给 Simplified
gong1 gei3 Pinyin
eingeben (u.E.) (V) Deutsch

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