Character urge, press, hurry; close Definition
CU4 Pinyin cuk1 Jyutping SOKU On UNAGASU SEMARU Kun Hangul CHOK Korean *tsiok tsiok Tang xúc Viet

Traditional Simplified
cu4 Pinyin
urgent English hurried English to urge English to promote English to urge haste English close English intimate English

cu4 Reading Pinyin ソク Reading On うなが. Reading Kun chog Reading Korean Reading Korean
stimulate Meaning urge Meaning press Meaning demand Meaning incite Meaning stimuler Meaning fr encourager Meaning fr pousser à Meaning fr inciter Meaning fr demander Meaning fr apremiar Meaning es urgir Meaning es estimular Meaning pt desejo Meaning pt imprensa Meaning pt demanda Meaning pt incitar Meaning pt

促す Word
うながす Reading
to urge Translation eng to press Translation eng to prompt Translation eng to suggest Translation eng to demand Translation eng to stimulate Translation eng to quicken Translation eng to incite Translation eng to invite (attention to) Translation eng drängen Translation ger treiben Translation ger mahnen Translation ger zureden Translation ger auffordern Translation ger anregen Translation ger beschleunigen Translation ger attirer Translation fre insister (auprès de) Translation fre inviter (l'attention sur) Translation fre presser (quelqu'un) Translation fre

促成 Word
そくせい Reading
promotion of growth Translation eng Wachstumsbeschleunigung Translation ger accélération du développement Translation fre croissance artificielle Translation fre

促成 Traditional 促成 Simplified
cu4 cheng2 Pinyin
to facilitate English to effect English

促動 Traditional 促动 Simplified
cu4 dong4 Pinyin
to motivate English

促動 Traditional 促动 Simplified
cu4 dong4 Pinyin
anregen (u.E.) (V) Deutsch

促進 Traditional 促进 Simplified
cu4 jin4 Pinyin
to promote (an idea or cause) English to advance English boost English

促進者 Traditional 促进者 Simplified
cu4 jin4 zhe3 Pinyin
Katalysator (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

促進 Word
そくしん Reading
promotion Translation eng acceleration Translation eng encouragement Translation eng facilitation Translation eng spurring on Translation eng Förderung Translation ger Beschleunigung Translation ger encourager Translation fre promotion Translation fre promouvoir Translation fre stimulation Translation fre

促進剤 Word
そくしんざい Reading
accelerant Translation eng stimulant Translation eng

促凝劑 Traditional 促凝剂 Simplified
cu4 ning2 ji4 Pinyin
Gerinnungsmittel (u.E.) (S) Deutsch Koagulin (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

促迫 Word
そくはく Reading
growing urgent Translation eng becoming distressful Translation eng

促請 Traditional 促请 Simplified
cu4 qing3 Pinyin
to urge English

促請 Traditional 促请 Simplified
cu4 qing3 Pinyin
eindringlich bitten (u.E.) (V) Deutsch

促求 Traditional 促求 Simplified
cu4 qiu2 Pinyin
to urge English

促聲 Traditional 促声 Simplified
cu4 sheng1 Pinyin
same as 入聲|入声[ru4 sheng1] English entering tone English

促使 Traditional 促使 Simplified
cu4 shi3 Pinyin
to induce English to promote English to urge English to impel English to bring about English to provoke English to drive (sb to do sth) English to catalyze English to actuate English to contribute to (some development) English

促退 Traditional 促退 Simplified
cu4 tui4 Pinyin
to hinder English to prevent (forward progress) English

促膝 Traditional 促膝 Simplified
cu4 xi1 Pinyin
lit. knees pressed close English intimate English seated side by side English in close contact English

促狹 Traditional 促狭 Simplified
cu4 xia2 Pinyin
(colloquial) teasing English mischievous English

促狹鬼 Traditional 促狭鬼 Simplified
cu4 xia2 gui3 Pinyin
rascal English mischievous fellow English joker English

促鮮 Traditional 促鲜 Simplified
cu4 xian1 Pinyin
reifen (u.E.) (V) Deutsch

促銷 Traditional 促销 Simplified
cu4 xiao1 Pinyin
to promote sales English

促織 Traditional 促织 Simplified
cu4 zhi1 Pinyin
old term onomat. for cricket English

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