Character numerary adjunct, piece; single Definition
GE4 GE3 Pinyin go3 Jyutping KO KA On KO Kun Hangul KAY Korean Viet
U+4E2A Simplified

Word Word
counter for articles Translation eng counter for military units Translation eng individual Translation eng Individuum Translation ger Stück Translation ger Exemplar Translation ger (Zählwort für kleinere Dinge, Äpfel, Eier, Schachteln, Bündel) Translation ger (compteur pour divers objets) Translation fre

Traditional Simplified
ge4 Pinyin
individual English this English that English size English classifier for people or objects in general English

ge4 Reading Pinyin ge5 Reading Pinyin Reading On Reading On gae Reading Korean Reading Korean
individual Meaning counter for articles Meaning individuel Meaning fr privé Meaning fr compteur d'articles Meaning fr compteur d'unités militaires Meaning fr individuo Meaning es individual Meaning es contador para objetos pequeños Meaning es indivíduo Meaning pt sufixo para contagem de para artigos Meaning pt

丈夫 Traditional 丈夫 Simplified
zhang4 fu5 Pinyin
husband English

三明治 Traditional 三明治 Simplified
san1 ming2 zhi4 Pinyin
sandwich English

上午 Traditional 上午 Simplified
shang4 wu3 Pinyin
morning English

上級 Traditional 上级 Simplified
shang4 ji2 Pinyin
higher authorities English superiors English

下午 Traditional 下午 Simplified
xia4 wu3 Pinyin
afternoon English p.m. English

下巴 Traditional 下巴 Simplified
xia4 ba5 Pinyin
chin English

不幸 Traditional 不幸 Simplified
bu4 xing4 Pinyin
misfortune English adversity English unfortunate English sad English unfortunately English

世界 Traditional 世界 Simplified
shi4 jie4 Pinyin
world English

世紀 Traditional 世纪 Simplified
shi4 ji4 Pinyin
century English

中午 Traditional 中午 Simplified
zhong1 wu3 Pinyin
noon English midday English

中學 Traditional 中学 Simplified
zhong1 xue2 Pinyin
middle school English

中心 Traditional 中心 Simplified
zhong1 xin1 Pinyin
center English heart English core English

主人 Traditional 主人 Simplified
zhu3 ren2 Pinyin
master English host English

主任 Traditional 主任 Simplified
zhu3 ren4 Pinyin
director English head English

主席臺 Traditional 主席台 Simplified
zhu3 xi2 tai2 Pinyin
rostrum English platform English

主張 Traditional 主张 Simplified
zhu3 zhang1 Pinyin
to advocate English to stand for English view English position English stand English proposition English viewpoint English assertion English

主意 Traditional 主意 Simplified
zhu3 yi5 Pinyin
plan English idea English decision English

乒乓球 Traditional 乒乓球 Simplified
ping1 pang1 qiu2 Pinyin
table tennis English ping-pong English ping pong English table tennis ball English

Traditional Simplified
ge4 Pinyin
|[ge4] Variant

事件 Traditional 事件 Simplified
shi4 jian4 Pinyin
event English happening English incident English

事實 Traditional 事实 Simplified
shi4 shi2 Pinyin
a fact English the fact that English

事物 Traditional 事物 Simplified
shi4 wu4 Pinyin
thing English object English

人員 Traditional 人员 Simplified
ren2 yuan2 Pinyin
staff English crew English personnel English

人民 Traditional 人民 Simplified
ren2 min2 Pinyin
the people English

人物 Traditional 人物 Simplified
ren2 wu4 Pinyin
a person English a character (in a play, novel etc) English a protagonist English

代表團 Traditional 代表团 Simplified
dai4 biao3 tuan2 Pinyin
delegation English

伯父 Traditional 伯父 Simplified
bo2 fu4 Pinyin
father's elder brother English term of respect for older man English

估計 Traditional 估计 Simplified
gu1 ji4 Pinyin
to estimate English to reckon English

位置 Traditional 位置 Simplified
wei4 zhi5 Pinyin
position English place English seat English

作業 Traditional 作业 Simplified
zuo4 ye4 Pinyin
school assignment English homework English work English task English operation English to operate English

作用 Traditional 作用 Simplified
zuo4 yong4 Pinyin
to act on English to affect English action English function English activity English impact English result English effect English purpose English intent English to play a role English corresponds to English -ity, -ism, -ization English

作者 Traditional 作者 Simplified
zuo4 zhe3 Pinyin
author English writer English

例子 Traditional 例子 Simplified
li4 zi5 Pinyin
case English (for) instance English example English

保證 Traditional 保证 Simplified
bao3 zheng4 Pinyin
guarantee English to guarantee English to ensure English to safeguard English to pledge English

信封 Traditional 信封 Simplified
xin4 feng1 Pinyin
envelope English

信心 Traditional 信心 Simplified
xin4 xin1 Pinyin
confidence English faith (in sb or sth) English

信箱 Traditional 信箱 Simplified
xin4 xiang1 Pinyin
mailbox English

俱樂部 Traditional 俱乐部 Simplified
ju4 le4 bu4 Pinyin
club (i.e. a group or organization) English

做法 Traditional 做法 Simplified
zuo4 fa3 Pinyin
way of handling sth English method for making English work method English recipe English practice English

傳統 Traditional 传统 Simplified
chuan2 tong3 Pinyin
tradition English traditional English convention English conventional English

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