Character pouch Definition
DOU1 Pinyin dau1 Jyutping TOU On KABUTO Kun Hangul TWU Korean đâu Viet

Word Word Word Word
かぶと Reading
helmet (of armor, armour) Translation eng headpiece Translation eng Helm Translation ger

かぶと Reading Kabuto Romaji

Traditional Simplified
dou1 Pinyin
pocket English bag English to wrap up or hold in a bag English to move in a circle English to canvas or solicit English to take responsibility for English to disclose in detail English combat armor (old) English

dou1 Reading Pinyin トウ Reading On Reading On かぶと Reading Kun du Reading Korean Reading Korean
helmet Meaning head piece Meaning

兜坂 Word
かぶとさか Reading Kabutosaka Romaji

兜坂 Word
とさか Reading Tosaka Romaji

兜鼻 Word
かぶとはな Reading Kabutohana Romaji

兜鼻 Word
かぶとばな Reading Kabutobana Romaji

兜碆 Word
かぶとばえ Reading Kabutobae Romaji

兜捕 Traditional 兜捕 Simplified
dou1 bu3 Pinyin
to round up (fugitives) English to corner and arrest English

兜抄 Traditional 兜抄 Simplified
dou1 chao1 Pinyin
to surround and attack English to corner English to envelop English

兜川 Word
かぶとがわ Reading Kabutogawa Romaji

兜島 Word
かぶとしま Reading Kabutoshima Romaji

兜島 Word
かぶとじま Reading Kabutojima Romaji

兜底 Traditional 兜底 Simplified
dou1 di3 Pinyin
to reveal English to expose English

兜兜 Traditional 兜兜 Simplified
dou1 dou5 Pinyin
an undergarment covering chest and abdomen English

兜肚 Traditional 兜肚 Simplified
dou1 du5 Pinyin
vest English undergarment covering chest and abdomen English

兜兒 Traditional 兜儿 Simplified
dou1 r5 Pinyin
erhua variant of English

兜兒 Traditional 兜儿 Simplified
dou1 r5 Pinyin
Tasche; Tüte (S, vulg) Deutsch

兜翻 Traditional 兜翻 Simplified
dou1 fan1 Pinyin
to expose English to turn over English

兜風 Traditional 兜风 Simplified
dou1 feng1 Pinyin
to catch the wind English to go for a spin in the fresh air English

兜谷 Word
かぶとや Reading Kabutoya Romaji

兜岬 Word
かぶとみさき Reading Kabutomisaki Romaji

兜巾山 Word
ときんやま Reading Tokin'yama Romaji

兜金 Word
つぱかね Reading Tsupakane Romaji

兜金 Word
とうがね Reading Tougane Romaji

兜金 Word
とかね Reading Tokane Romaji

兜金 Word
とがね Reading Togane Romaji

兜盔 Traditional 兜盔 Simplified
dou1 kui1 Pinyin
Helm (u.E.) (S, Mil) Deutsch Metallhelm (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

兜瀬 Word
かぶとぜ Reading Kabutoze Romaji

兜攬 Traditional 兜揽 Simplified
dou1 lan3 Pinyin
to canvas (for customers) English to solicit English to advertise English to drum up English sales pitch English to take on (a task) English

兜率 Word 都卒 Word
とそつ Reading
Tusita (heaven, pure land) Translation eng
兜率天 Crossref

兜率天 Word
とそつてん Reading
Tusita Heaven Translation eng

兜率天 Traditional 兜率天 Simplified
dou1 shuai4 tian1 Pinyin
Tushita (u.E.) (Sprachw) Deutsch

兜賣 Traditional 兜卖 Simplified
dou1 mai4 Pinyin
to peddle English to hawk (pirate goods) English

兜帽 Traditional 兜帽 Simplified
dou1 mao4 Pinyin
hood English

兜帽 Traditional 兜帽 Simplified
dou1 mao4 Pinyin
Kühlerhaube, Nachbarschaft (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

兜鍪 Traditional 兜鍪 Simplified
dou1 mou2 Pinyin
Helm (u.E.) (S) Deutsch Metallhelm (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

兜木 Word
かぶとき Reading Kabutoki Romaji

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