Character pure; virtuous; insult; maltreat Definition
LING2 Pinyin ling4 Jyutping RYOU On SHINOGU Kun Hangul LUNG Korean *liəng Tang lăng Viet
U+F955 Variant

しの Reading Shino Romaji

しのぎ Reading Shinogi Romaji

しのぐ Reading Shinogu Romaji

のぼる Reading Noboru Romaji

りょう Reading Ryou Romaji

りよう Reading Riyou Romaji

りん Reading Rin Romaji

Traditional Simplified
Ling2 Pinyin
surname Ling English

Traditional Simplified
ling2 Pinyin
to approach English to rise high English thick ice English to insult or maltreat English

Traditional Simplified
ling2 Pinyin
Eisblock; schikanieren (u.E.) (S) Deutsch Ling (u.E.) (Eig, Fam) Deutsch

ling2 Reading Pinyin リョウ Reading On しの. Reading Kun reung Reading Korean Reading Korean
endure Meaning keep (rain)out Meaning stave off Meaning tide over Meaning defy Meaning slight Meaning surpass Meaning aguantar Meaning es soportar Meaning es resistir Meaning es rechazar Meaning es oponerse Meaning es desafiar Meaning es

Traditional Simplified
ling2 Pinyin
|[ling2] Variant

凌ぎ Word
しのぎ Reading
tiding over Translation eng
その場しのぎ Crossref

凌ぎ場 Word
しのぎば Reading
shelter Translation eng

凌ぐ Word
しのぐ Reading
to endure Translation eng to keep out (e.g. rain) Translation eng to stave off (e.g. starvation) Translation eng to pull through Translation eng to get over Translation eng to survive Translation eng to surpass Translation eng to outdo Translation eng to excel Translation eng to eclipse Translation eng to defy Translation eng to slight Translation eng aushalten Translation ger ertragen erdulden Translation ger ausstehen Translation ger sich durchschlagen Translation ger trotzen Translation ger überwinden Translation ger überlegen sein Translation ger übertreffen Translation ger sich hervor tun Translation ger éviter Translation fre dépasser Translation fre endurer Translation fre se préserver de Translation fre surpasser Translation fre

凌愛 Word
りあら Reading Riara Romaji

凌波 Word
りょうは Reading Ryouha Romaji

凌波性 Word
りょうはせい Reading
seaworthiness Translation eng

凌布 Word
しのぶ Reading Shinobu Romaji

凌晨 Traditional 凌晨 Simplified
ling2 chen2 Pinyin
early in the morning English

凌晨 Traditional 凌晨 Simplified
ling2 chen2 Pinyin
frühmorgens (u.E.) Deutsch vor dem Morgengrauen (u.E.) Deutsch

凌遲 Traditional 凌迟 Simplified
ling2 chi2 Pinyin
Lingchi (u.E.) Deutsch

凌遅 Word
りょうち Reading
Lingchi Translation eng Leng Tch'e Translation eng slow torture by slicing off parts of the body Translation eng

凌大 Word
りょうた Reading Ryouta Romaji

凌大 Word
りょうだい Reading Ryoudai Romaji

凌典 Word
りょうすけ Reading Ryousuke Romaji

凌斗 Word
りょうと Reading Ryouto Romaji

凌二 Word
りょうじ Reading Ryouji Romaji

凌輔 Word
りょうすけ Reading Ryousuke Romaji

凌海 Word
りょうかい Reading Ryoukai Romaji

凌河區 Traditional 凌河区 Simplified
ling2 he2 qu1 Pinyin
Linghe (u.E.) (Geo) Deutsch

凌弘 Word
りょうこう Reading Ryoukou Romaji

凌華 Word
りょうか Reading Ryouka Romaji

凌暉 Word
りょうき Reading Ryouki Romaji

凌輝 Word
りょうき Reading Ryouki Romaji

凌佳 Word
りょうか Reading Ryouka Romaji

淩駕 Traditional 凌驾 Simplified
ling2 jia4 Pinyin
to be above English to place above English

凌駕 Traditional 凌驾 Simplified
ling2 jia4 Pinyin
sich über jemanden stellen (u.E.) (V) Deutsch

凌駕 Word 陵駕 Word
りょうが Reading
excelling Translation eng surpassing Translation eng outdoing Translation eng superior Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger Übertreffen Translation ger Ausstechen Translation ger Überflügeln Translation ger Überholen Translation ger

凌駕 Word
りょうが Reading Ryouga Romaji

凌建 Word
りょうたつ Reading Ryoutatsu Romaji

凌介 Word
りょうすけ Reading Ryousuke Romaji

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