Character all, any, every; ordinary, common Definition
FAN2 Pinyin faan4 Jyutping BON HAN On SUBETE OYOSO Kun Hangul PEM Korean bhiæm Tang phàm Viet
U+51E2 Variant

大凡 Word Word
おおよそ Reading
about Translation eng roughly Translation eng as a rule Translation eng approximately Translation eng etwa Translation ger ungefähr Translation ger zirka Translation ger annähernd Translation ger ganz Translation ger überhaupt Translation ger ganz und gar Translation ger

ぼん Reading はん Reading
mediocrity Translation eng

ただし Reading Tadashi Romaji

ちか Reading Chika Romaji

つね Reading Tsune Romaji

なみ Reading Nami Romaji

ひろし Reading Hiroshi Romaji

ぼん Reading Bon Romaji

Traditional Simplified
fan2 Pinyin
ordinary English commonplace English mundane English temporal English of the material world (as opposed to supernatural or immortal levels) English every English all English whatever English altogether English gist English outline English note of Chinese musical scale English

fan2 Reading Pinyin ボン Reading On ハン Reading On およ. Reading Kun おうよ. Reading Kun すべ. Reading Kun なみ Nanori ひろ Nanori みな Nanori beom Reading Korean Reading Korean
mediocre Meaning médiocre Meaning fr mediocre Meaning es insignificante Meaning es medíocre Meaning pt

凡そ Word
およそ Reading
about Translation eng roughly Translation eng as a rule Translation eng approximately Translation eng ungefähr Translation ger etwa Translation ger zirka Translation ger annähernd Translation ger gegen Translation ger ganz Translation ger überhaupt Translation ger ziemlich Translation ger approximativement Translation fre pas du tout Translation fre

凡その見当 Word
およそのけんとう Reading
rough estimation Translation eng grobe Schätzung Translation ger

全て Word 総て Word 総べて Word 凡て Word
すべて Reading
all Translation eng the whole Translation eng entirely Translation eng in general Translation eng wholly Translation eng overall Translation eng alles Translation ger jeder Translation ger völlig Translation ger ganz Translation ger gesamt Translation ger restlos Translation ger vollständig Translation ger (en) totalité Translation fre entièrement Translation fre все Translation rus всё Translation rus целиком Translation rus полностью Translation rus

凡フライ Word
ぼんフライ Reading
easy fly (in baseball) Translation eng

凡ミス Word
ぼんミス Reading
basic mistake Translation eng trivial mistake Translation eng

有らゆる Word 凡ゆる Word
あらゆる Reading
all Translation eng every Translation eng alles Mögliche Translation ger alle Translation ger jeder Translation ger allerhand Translation ger allerlei Translation ger tous Translation fre toutes Translation fre

凡百 Word
ぼんひゃく Reading ぼんぴゃく Reading
many Translation eng many kinds Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger allerlei Dinge Translation ger allerlei Leute Translation ger verschiedene Translation ger

凡百 Traditional 凡百 Simplified
fan2 bai3 Pinyin
all English everything English the whole English

天才 Word
てんさい Reading
genius Translation eng prodigy Translation eng natural gift Translation eng Genie Translation ger génie Translation fre prodige Translation fre гений Translation rus одарённый Translation rus

凡才 Word
ぼんさい Reading
mediocrity Translation eng ordinary ability Translation eng (schriftspr.) mittelmäßig begabter Kopf Translation ger mittelmäßige Begabung Translation ger Mittelmäßigkeit Translation ger habileté quelconque Translation fre talent médiocre Translation fre talent moyen Translation fre talent ordinaire Translation fre

凡草 Word
ぼんそう Reading Bonsou Romaji

凡策 Word
ぼんさく Reading
commonplace policy Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger banaler Plan Translation ger mittelmäßige Maßnahmen Translation ger

凡常 Word
ぼんじょう Reading
ordinary Translation eng common Translation eng

凡塵 Traditional 凡尘 Simplified
fan2 chen2 Pinyin
mundane world (in religious context) English this mortal coil English

凡打 Word
ぼんだ Reading
poor batting Translation eng durchschnittlicher Schlag Translation ger (im Baseb.) Translation ger

凡大 Word
ぼんだい Reading Bondai Romaji

凡蝶 Word
ぼんちょう Reading Bonchou Romaji

凡児 Word
ぼんじ Reading Bonji Romaji

凡爾丁 Traditional 凡尔丁 Simplified
fan2 er3 ding1 Pinyin
valitin (plain wool fabric) English

凡爾賽 Traditional 凡尔赛 Simplified
Fan2 er3 sai4 Pinyin
Versailles (near Paris) English

凡爾賽 Traditional 凡尔赛 Simplified
fan2 er3 sai4 Pinyin
Versailles (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

凡二 Word
ぼんじ Reading Bonji Romaji

凡二郎 Word
ぼんじろう Reading Bonjirou Romaji

凡帆 Word
なみほ Reading Namiho Romaji

凡々 Word 凡凡 Word
ぼんぼん Reading
ordinary Translation eng usual Translation eng

凡夫 Word
ぼんぷ Reading ぼんぶ Reading
ordinary person Translation eng prthag-jana (unenlightened person) Translation eng Durchschnittsmensch Translation ger Alltagsmensch Translation ger Sterblicher Translation ger Laie Translation ger

凡夫 Word
ただお Reading Tadao Romaji

凡夫 Word
つねお Reading Tsuneo Romaji

凡夫 Word
ぼんぷ Reading Bonpu Romaji

凡夫 Traditional 凡夫 Simplified
fan2 fu1 Pinyin
common person English ordinary guy English mortal man English

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