Character assist; supplement; assistant Definition
FU4 Pinyin fu3 Jyutping FUKU On SOU SOE Kun Hangul PWU POK Korean phó Viet

ふく Reading
assistant Translation eng associate Translation eng vice- Translation eng sub- Translation eng deputy Translation eng substitute Translation eng auxiliary Translation eng supplementary Translation eng additional Translation eng collateral Translation eng duplicate Translation eng copy Translation eng Duplikat Translation ger assistant- (président, directeur, préfet, chef) Translation fre sous- Translation fre vice- Translation fre

取り分け Word 取り分 Word 取分 Word Word
とりわけ Reading
especially Translation eng above all Translation eng inter alia Translation eng among others Translation eng Besonderheit Translation ger {Sumô} Toriwake Translation ger (Wurftechnik) Translation ger vor allem Translation ger besonders Translation ger namentlich Translation ger notamment Translation fre particulièrement Translation fre

そい Reading Soi Romaji

そえ Reading Soe Romaji

Traditional Simplified
fu4 Pinyin
secondary English auxiliary English deputy English assistant English vice- English abbr. for 副詞|副词 adverb English classifier for pairs English

fu4 Reading Pinyin フク Reading On そい Nanori そえ Nanori bu Reading Korean bog Reading Korean Reading Korean Reading Korean
vice- Meaning duplicate Meaning copy Meaning vice- Meaning fr copie Meaning fr duplicata Meaning fr vice- Meaning es duplicado Meaning es copia Meaning es vice- Meaning pt duplicar Meaning pt cópia Meaning pt

刀叉 Traditional 刀叉 Simplified
dao1 cha1 Pinyin
knife and fork English

國際象棋 Traditional 国际象棋 Simplified
guo2 ji4 xiang4 qi2 Pinyin
chess English

撲克牌 Traditional 扑克牌 Simplified
pu1 ke4 pai2 Pinyin
poker (card game) English playing card English

擔子 Traditional 担子 Simplified
dan4 zi5 Pinyin
load English a carrying pole and the loads on it English

滑雪板 Traditional 滑雪板 Simplified
hua2 xue3 ban3 Pinyin
ski English snowboard English

眼鏡 Traditional 眼镜 Simplified
yan3 jing4 Pinyin
spectacles English eyeglasses English

笑容 Traditional 笑容 Simplified
xiao4 rong2 Pinyin
smile English smiling expression English

笑臉 Traditional 笑脸 Simplified
xiao4 lian3 Pinyin
smiling face English smiley :) English

象棋 Traditional 象棋 Simplified
xiang4 qi2 Pinyin
Chinese chess English

鏡架 Traditional 镜架 Simplified
jing4 jia4 Pinyin
eyeglasses frame English mirror support English

麻將 Traditional 麻将 Simplified
ma2 jiang4 Pinyin
mahjong English

添う Word 副う Word
そう Reading
to meet (one's expectations, etc.) Translation eng to satisfy Translation eng to comply with Translation eng to accompany Translation eng to stay by one's side Translation eng to marry Translation eng to wed Translation eng to be added Translation eng begleiten Translation ger mit jmdm. mitgehen Translation ger Geleit geben Translation ger heiraten Translation ger sich verheiraten Translation ger entsprechen Translation ger bewilligen Translation ger entgegenkommen Translation ger gemäß sein Translation ger nachkommen Translation ger respecter Translation fre se conformer à Translation fre être uni Translation fre se marier Translation fre (pop) être collé (à quelqu'un) Translation fre accompagner Translation fre suivre Translation fre
沿う Crossref

添える Word 副える Word
そえる Reading
to garnish Translation eng to accompany (as a card does a gift) Translation eng to add to as support Translation eng to prop up Translation eng to accompany (as an aid, guide, translator, etc.) Translation eng to mimic Translation eng to imitate Translation eng to draw something near to oneself Translation eng to approach nearby Translation eng hinzufügen Translation ger beifügen Translation ger beilegen Translation ger anheften Translation ger accompagner Translation fre ajouter à Translation fre compléter Translation fre s'attacher à Translation fre

副プログラム Word
ふくプログラム Reading
subprogram Translation eng

副包 Word
ふくかね Reading Fukukane Romaji

副本 Word 複本 Word
ふくほん Reading
duplicate Translation eng copy Translation eng Duplikat Translation ger Abschrift Translation ger Zweitausfertigung Translation ger Zweitschrift Translation ger Kopie Translation ger

副本 Traditional 副本 Simplified
fu4 ben3 Pinyin
duplicate English transcript English

副鼻腔 Word
ふくびこう Reading ふくびくう Reading
paranasal sinus Translation eng paranasal cavity Translation eng sinus paranasales Translation eng

副鼻腔炎 Word
ふくびこうえん Reading ふくびくうえん Reading
sinusitis Translation eng

副標題 Traditional 副标题 Simplified
fu4 biao1 ti2 Pinyin
subheading English subtitle English

副標題 Traditional 副标题 Simplified
fu4 biao1 ti2 Pinyin
Untertitel (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

副部長 Traditional 副部长 Simplified
fu4 bu4 zhang3 Pinyin
assistant (government) minister English

副部長 Word
ふくぶちょう Reading
deputy director Translation eng assistant director Translation eng vice director Translation eng deputy general manager Translation eng assistant general manager Translation eng vice (general) manager Translation eng

副操縦士 Word
ふくそうじゅうし Reading
copilot Translation eng

副層 Word
ふくそう Reading
sublayer Translation eng

副產品 Traditional 副产品 Simplified
fu4 chan3 pin3 Pinyin
by-product English

副產品 Traditional 副产品 Simplified
fu4 chan3 pin3 Pinyin
Nebenprodukt (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

副產物 Traditional 副产物 Simplified
fu4 chan3 wu4 Pinyin
byproduct material English

副産物 Word
ふくさんぶつ Reading
byproduct Translation eng side line Translation eng Nebenprodukt Translation ger produit dérivé Translation fre sous-produit Translation fre

副長 Word
ふくちょう Reading
deputy head Translation eng deputy director Translation eng vice chief (of something) Translation eng executive officer (navy) Translation eng Stellvertreter Translation ger

副長官 Word
ふくちょうかん Reading
deputy secretary (government) Translation eng deputy director Translation eng

副尺 Word
ふくしゃく Reading
vernier scale Translation eng

副川 Word
ふくがわ Reading Fukugawa Romaji

副詞 Traditional 副词 Simplified
fu4 ci2 Pinyin
adverb English

副詞 Traditional 副词 Simplified
fu4 ci2 Pinyin
Adverb (u.E.) Deutsch

副詞 Word
ふくし Reading
adverb Translation eng {Gramm.} Adverb Translation ger adverbe Translation fre

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