Character strive; encourage Definition
LI4 Pinyin lai6 Jyutping REI On HAGEMU HAGEMASU Kun LYE Korean
U+52F5 Traditional

つとむ Reading Tsutomu Romaji

はげむ Reading Hagemu Romaji

Reading Ri Romaji

れい Reading Rei Romaji

Traditional Simplified
Li4 Pinyin
surname Li English

Traditional Simplified
li4 Pinyin
to encourage English to urge English

Traditional Simplified
li4 Pinyin
ermahnen (u.E.) Deutsch Li (u.E.) (Eig, Fam) Deutsch

li4 Reading Pinyin レイ Reading On はげ. Reading Kun はげ.ます Reading Kun ryeo Reading Korean Reading Korean
encourage Meaning be diligent Meaning inspire Meaning encourager Meaning fr être appliqué Meaning fr pousser à Meaning fr aliento Meaning es estímulo Meaning es esfuerzo Meaning es diligencia Meaning es alentar Meaning es estimular Meaning es esforzarse Meaning es ser diligente Meaning es encorajar Meaning pt estar diligente Meaning pt inspirar Meaning pt

励み Word
はげみ Reading
(act of) encouragement Translation eng stimulus Translation eng incentive Translation eng Ermutigung Translation ger Ansporn Translation ger
励まし Crossref

励まし Word
はげまし Reading
encouragement (as an abstract concept) Translation eng stimulation Translation eng Ermutigen Translation ger Anspornen Translation ger
励み Crossref

励ます Word
はげます Reading
to encourage Translation eng to cheer Translation eng to raise (the voice) Translation eng ermutigen Translation ger aufmuntern Translation ger beleben Translation ger ermuntern Translation ger anspornen Translation ger anregen Translation ger erregen Translation ger reizen Translation ger anstacheln Translation ger die Stimme erheben Translation ger donner (de la voix) Translation fre encourager Translation fre

励み合い Word
はげみあい Reading
competition Translation eng emulation Translation eng rivalry Translation eng

励み合う Word
はげみあう Reading
to vie with another Translation eng to emulate each other Translation eng

励む Word
はげむ Reading
to be zealous Translation eng to brace oneself Translation eng to endeavour Translation eng to endeavor Translation eng to strive Translation eng to make an effort Translation eng sich bemühen Translation ger sich widmen Translation ger sich anstrengen Translation ger sich Mühe geben Translation ger fleißig sein Translation ger s'efforcer de Translation fre travailler assidûment Translation fre

励波 Word
となみ Reading Tonami Romaji

励磁 Word
れいじ Reading
excitation Translation eng

勵磁 Traditional 励磁 Simplified
li4 ci2 Pinyin
erregen (u.E.) (V) Deutsch

励磁機 Word
れいじき Reading
exciter Translation eng

励磁損 Word
れいじそん Reading
excitation loss Translation eng

励二 Word
れいじ Reading Reiji Romaji

励谷 Word
はげんだに Reading Hagendani Romaji

励果 Word
れいか Reading Reika Romaji

励弧 Word
れいこ Reading
excitation Translation eng

励胡 Word
れいこ Reading Reiko Romaji

励花 Word
れいか Reading Reika Romaji

励華 Word
れいか Reading Reika Romaji

励加 Word
れいか Reading Reika Romaji

励佳 Word
れいか Reading Reika Romaji

励精 Word
れいせい Reading
diligence Translation eng

励久 Word
れいく Reading Reiku Romaji

励來 Word
れいら Reading Reira Romaji

励美 Word
れいみ Reading Reimi Romaji

励起 Word
れいき Reading
(electrical) excitation Translation eng {Phys., Chem.} Anregung Translation ger

励起 Word
れいき Reading Reiki Romaji

励起状態 Word
れいきじょうたい Reading
excited state Translation eng

励三 Word
れいぞう Reading Reizou Romaji

励生 Word
れいい Reading Reii Romaji

励声 Word
れいせい Reading
shouts of encouragement Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger Erheben der Stimme Translation ger Brüllen Translation ger

励実 Word
はげみ Reading Hagemi Romaji

励実 Word
れいみ Reading Reimi Romaji

励温 Word
れおん Reading Reon Romaji

励悟 Word
れいご Reading Reigo Romaji

励行 Word
れいこう Reading
strict enforcement Translation eng carry out (regulations) Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger strenge Durchführung Translation ger strenge Einhaltung Translation ger faire appliquer strictement (une loi) Translation fre mise en application stricte Translation fre rendre effectif (une loi) Translation fre

励雄 Word
れいゆう Reading Reiyuu Romaji

励一 Word
れいいち Reading Reiichi Romaji

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