Character and, also, again, in addition Definition
YOU4 Pinyin jau6 Jyutping YUU On MATA Kun Hangul WU Korean *hiòu Tang lại Viet

Word Word Word
また Reading
again Translation eng and Translation eng also Translation eng still (doing something) Translation eng und Translation ger außerdem Translation ger ferner Translation ger noch dazu Translation ger obendrein Translation ger überdies Translation ger weiter Translation ger und auch Translation ger zudem Translation ger wieder Translation ger wieder einmal Translation ger noch einmal Translation ger ein anderes Mal Translation ger nächste Mal Translation ger noch einmal Translation ger auch Translation ger ebenfalls Translation ger sowohl als auch Translation ger oder Translation ger anderer Translation ger de nouveau Translation fre encore Translation fre опять Translation rus снова Translation rus ещё Translation rus

又は Word
または Reading
or Translation eng otherwise Translation eng oder Translation ger entweder ... oder ... Translation ger mit anderen Worten Translation ger autrement Translation fre et Translation fre ou Translation fre ou ... ou Translation fre ou bien Translation fre sinon Translation fre или Translation rus или же Translation rus

Radical Radical
again Meaning

たすく Reading Tasuku Romaji

また Reading Mata Romaji

Traditional Simplified
you4 Pinyin
(once) again English also English both... and... English again English

you4 Reading Pinyin ユウ Reading On また Reading Kun また- Reading Kun また.の- Reading Kun やす Nanori u Reading Korean Reading Korean
or again Meaning furthermore Meaning on the other hand Meaning ou encore Meaning fr de plus Meaning fr d'un autre côté Meaning fr otra vez Meaning es además Meaning es por otra parte Meaning es otro Meaning es distinto Meaning es ou outra vez Meaning pt além disso Meaning pt na outra mão Meaning pt

又…又… Traditional 又…又… Simplified
you4 you4 Pinyin
und, ferner (u.E.) Deutsch

又ヶ谷 Word
またがだに Reading Matagadani Romaji

又ヶ沢 Word
またがさわ Reading Matagasawa Romaji

又しても Word
またしても Reading
again Translation eng wieder Translation ger

又タ Word
ぬた Reading Nuta Romaji

又と Word
またと Reading
in addition Translation eng besides this Translation eng twice Translation eng

又と無い Word 又とない Word
またとない Reading
unique Translation eng matchless Translation eng unparalleled Translation eng unparallelled Translation eng never again Translation eng einmalig Translation ger unübertroffen Translation ger unübertrefflich Translation ger

又無い Word 又ない Word
またない Reading
unique Translation eng matchless Translation eng unparalleled Translation eng unparallelled Translation eng never again Translation eng

またの名 Word 又の名 Word
またのな Reading
alias Translation eng another name Translation eng anderer Name Translation ger

又の日 Word
またのひ Reading
another day Translation eng the next day Translation eng (schriftspr.) ein Tag in der Zukunft Translation ger später Translation ger irgendwann Translation ger der nächste Tag Translation ger folgende Tag Translation ger

又も Word
またも Reading
(once) again Translation eng

又もや Word
またもや Reading
again Translation eng wieder Translation ger

又八 Word
またはち Reading Matahachi Romaji

又坂 Word
またさか Reading Matasaka Romaji

又保證CD Traditional 又保证CD Simplified
you4 bao3 zheng4 yin1 zhi4 Pinyin
DVD (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

又兵 Word
またへい Reading Matahei Romaji

又兵エ Word
またべえ Reading Matabee Romaji

又兵衛 Word
またべい Reading Matabei Romaji

又兵衛 Word
またべえ Reading Matabee Romaji

又部 Word
またべ Reading Matabe Romaji

又倉 Word
またぐら Reading Matagura Romaji

又蔵 Word
またぞう Reading Matazou Romaji

又策 Word
またさく Reading Matasaku Romaji

又場 Word
またば Reading Mataba Romaji

又暢 Word
またお Reading Matao Romaji

又稱 Traditional 又称 Simplified
you4 cheng1 Pinyin
also known as English

又稱 Traditional 又稱 Simplified
you4 ci2 Pinyin
anderer Name (u.E.) Deutsch auch genannt, auch bezeichnet (u.E.) Deutsch

又城 Word
またしろ Reading Matashiro Romaji

又池 Word
またいけ Reading Mataike Romaji

又持 Word
またもち Reading Matamochi Romaji

又川 Word
またかわ Reading Matakawa Romaji

又川 Word
またがわ Reading Matagawa Romaji

又串 Word
またくし Reading Matakushi Romaji

又春 Word
ゆうしゅん Reading Yuushun Romaji

又次 Word
またじ Reading Mataji Romaji

又次郎 Word
またじろう Reading Matajirou Romaji

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