Character right; west; right-wing Definition
YOU4 Pinyin jau6 Jyutping U YUU On MIGI TASUKERU Kun Hangul WU Korean *hiòu Tang hữu Viet

みぎ Reading
right Translation eng right hand side Translation eng afore-mentioned (esp. in vertical Japanese writing) Translation eng foregoing Translation eng forgoing Translation eng above Translation eng rechte Seite Translation ger Rechte Translation ger rechts Translation ger Vorstehendes Translation ger Obenstehendes Translation ger rechter Flügel Translation ger Konservativer Translation ger Rechter Translation ger droite Translation fre правый Translation rus справа Translation rus
右に同じ Crossref

すすむ Reading Susumu Romaji

たすく Reading Tasuku Romaji

みぎ Reading Migi Romaji

ゆう Reading Yuu Romaji

Traditional Simplified
you4 Pinyin
right (-hand) English

Traditional Simplified
you4 Pinyin
rechts Deutsch

you4 Reading Pinyin Reading On ユウ Reading On みぎ Reading Kun あき Nanori すけ Nanori u Reading Korean Reading Korean
right Meaning droite Meaning fr derecha Meaning es Direita Meaning pt

右から左へ Word
みぎからひだりへ Reading
from right to left Translation eng in one ear and out the other Translation eng nice and quick Translation eng with speed and address Translation eng without further ado Translation eng von rechts nach links Translation ger sogleich Translation ger de gauche à droite Translation fre rentrer d'un coté et ressortir de l'autre Translation fre

右に出る Word
みぎにでる Reading
to be superior to Translation eng

右に同じ Word
みぎにおなじ Reading
like he said Translation eng same for me Translation eng ditto Translation eng

右の通り Word
みぎのとおり Reading
as above-mentioned Translation eng

右の沢 Word
みぎのさわ Reading Miginosawa Romaji

右ノ沢 Word
みぎのさわ Reading Miginosawa Romaji

右の子 Word
うのこ Reading Unoko Romaji

右ノ子 Word
うのこ Reading Unoko Romaji

右らん Word
うらん Reading Uran Romaji

右岸 Word
うがん Reading
right bank (shore) Translation eng rechte Ufer Translation ger

右按鍵 Traditional 右按键 Simplified
you4 an4 jian4 Pinyin
Rechts-Klick (u.E.) (S, EDV) Deutsch

右八 Word
ゆうはち Reading Yuuhachi Romaji

右八郎 Word
うはちろう Reading Uhachirou Romaji

右本 Word
みぎもと Reading Migimoto Romaji

右筆 Word 祐筆 Word
ゆうひつ Reading
private secretary Translation eng amanuensis Translation eng (arch.) Translation ger Schreiber Translation ger Sekretär Translation ger {japan. Gesch.} Yûhitsu Translation ger (Titel eines Samurais, der für die Verwaltung von Dokumenten zuständig war) Translation ger

右弼 Word
ゆうすけ Reading Yuusuke Romaji

右邊 Traditional 右边 Simplified
you4 bian5 Pinyin
right side English right, to the right English

右邊 Traditional 右边 Simplified
you4 bian1 Pinyin
rechts, rechte Seite (u.E.) Deutsch rechte Seite (u.E.) Deutsch

右邊鋒 Traditional 右边锋 Simplified
you4 bian1 feng1 Pinyin
Rechtsaußen (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

右邊頁 Traditional 右边页 Simplified
you4 bian1 ye4 Pinyin
rechte Seite (u.E.) Deutsch

右兵 Word
うへい Reading Uhei Romaji

右兵衛 Word
うひょうえ Reading Uhyoue Romaji

右兵衞 Word
うひょうえ Reading Uhyoue Romaji

右側 Traditional 右侧 Simplified
you4 ce4 Pinyin
right side English

右側 Word
みぎがわ Reading うそく Reading
right side Translation eng right hand Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger rechte Seite Translation ger côté droit Translation fre пра́вая сторона́ Translation rus

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