Character article, product, commodity Definition
PIN3 Pinyin ban2 Jyutping HIN HON On SHINA Kun Hangul PHWUM Korean pǐm Tang phẩm Viet

Word Word
しな Reading ひん Reading
thing Translation eng article Translation eng goods Translation eng flirtatiousness Translation eng coquetry Translation eng dignity Translation eng class Translation eng quality Translation eng counter for meal courses Translation eng Qualität Translation ger Güte Translation ger Ware Translation ger Artikel Translation ger Gegenstand Translation ger Gut Translation ger dignité Translation fre goût (avoir bon, mauvais ~) Translation fre (numéral pour les plats d'un repas) Translation fre
科を作る Crossref
Restriction Restriction Restriction

しな Reading Shina Romaji

Traditional Simplified
pin3 Pinyin
article English commodity English product English goods English kind English grade English rank English character English disposition English nature English temperament English variety English to taste sth English to sample English to criticize English to comment English to judge English to size up English

pin3 Reading Pinyin ヒン Reading On ホン Reading On しな Reading Kun pum Reading Korean Reading Korean
goods Meaning refinement Meaning dignity Meaning article Meaning counter for meal courses Meaning marchandise Meaning fr dignité Meaning fr raffinement Meaning fr article Meaning fr compteur de plats Meaning fr producto Meaning es artículo Meaning es bienes Meaning es bens Meaning pt refinamento Meaning pt dignidade Meaning pt artigo Meaning pt sufixo para contagem de para pratos de refeição Meaning pt

品のいい Word 品の良い Word 品のよい Word
ひんのいい Reading ひんのよい Reading
refined Translation eng genteel Translation eng graceful Translation eng decent Translation eng
品がいい Crossref

品が悪い Word
ひんがわるい Reading
low class Translation eng poor quality Translation eng

品ケ瀬 Word
しながせ Reading Shinagase Romaji

品ヶ瀬 Word
しながせ Reading Shinagase Romaji

品プリ Word
しなプリ Reading
Shinagawa Prince Hotel Translation eng

品保 Word
ひんぽ Reading
quality assurance Translation eng QA Translation eng
品質保証 Crossref

品本 Word
しなもと Reading Shinamoto Romaji

品柄 Word
しながら Reading
quality Translation eng Qualität Translation ger (von Waren) Translation ger

品薄 Word
しなうす Reading
shortage of stock Translation eng scarcity of goods Translation eng Warenmangel Translation ger Warenknappheit Translation ger

品歩 Word
しなほ Reading Shinaho Romaji

品部 Word
しなべ Reading Shinabe Romaji

品部 Word
ともべ Reading Tomobe Romaji

品部川 Word
しなべがわ Reading Shinabegawa Romaji

品茶 Traditional 品茶 Simplified
pin3 cha2 Pinyin
to taste tea English to sip tea English

品嘗 Traditional 品尝 Simplified
pin3 chang2 Pinyin
to taste a small amount English to sample English

品川 Word
しなかわ Reading Shinakawa Romaji

品川 Word
しながわ Reading Shinagawa Romaji

品川 Traditional 品川 Simplified
Pin3 chuan1 Pinyin
Shinagawa River English Shinagawa district of Tokyo English

品川根 Word
しながわね Reading Shinagawane Romaji

品川区 Word
しながわく Reading Shinagawaku Romaji

品川區 Traditional 品川区 Simplified
Pin3 chuan1 qu1 Pinyin
Shinagawa district of Tokyo English

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