Character gnaw; (Cant.) to shout, yell, scold Definition
AI2 Pinyin ngaai4 Jyutping GAI On IGAMU Kun Hangul AY Korean nhai Viet

Traditional Simplified
ai2 Pinyin
to growl (of dog) English to bare fangs English

ai2 Reading Pinyin ガイ Reading On いがむ Reading Kun ae Reading Korean Reading Korean
wrangle Meaning growl at Meaning

啀み合い Word いがみ合い Word
いがみあい Reading
snarl Translation eng snarling Translation eng quarrel Translation eng wrangling Translation eng feud Translation eng

啀み合う Word いがみ合う Word
いがみあう Reading
to snarl Translation eng to quarrel Translation eng miteinander streiten Translation ger auf Kriegsfuß mit einander stehen Translation ger einander Todfeind sein Translation ger sich feindlich gegenüberstehen Translation ger

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