Character encampment, barracks; manage Definition
U+71DF Variant

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ying2 Pinyin
Japanese variant of | English

ying2 Reading Pinyin エイ Reading On いとな. Reading Kun いとな. Reading Kun yeong Reading Korean Reading Korean
occupation Meaning camp Meaning perform Meaning build Meaning conduct (business) Meaning travail Meaning fr camp Meaning fr exécuter Meaning fr construire Meaning fr diriger Meaning fr negocio Meaning es campamento Meaning es dirigir un negocio Meaning es ocupação Meaning pt acampamento Meaning pt desempenhar Meaning pt construção Meaning pt conduta (negócios) Meaning pt

営み Word
いとなみ Reading
work Translation eng life Translation eng Geschäft Translation ger Betätigung Translation ger Betrieb Translation ger Erwerb Translation ger (schriftspr.) Translation ger Vorbereitung Translation ger

営む Word
いとなむ Reading
to carry on (e.g. in ceremony) Translation eng to run a business Translation eng treiben Translation ger tätig sein Translation ger (Geschäft) Translation ger betreiben Translation ger (religiöse Feier) Translation ger abhalten Translation ger diriger (cérémonie, compagnie) Translation fre

営邦 Word
よしくに Reading Yoshikuni Romaji

営本 Word
えいもと Reading Eimoto Romaji

営倉 Word
えいそう Reading
guardhouse Translation eng detention barracks Translation eng Arrestbau Translation ger Arrestzelle Translation ger Arrest Translation ger гауптва́хта Translation rus

営巣 Word
えいそう Reading
building a nest Translation eng {Zool.} Nestbau Translation ger

営巣地 Word
えいそうち Reading
nesting place Translation eng nesting site Translation eng nesting grounds Translation eng

営二 Word
えいじ Reading Eiji Romaji

営夫 Word
えいお Reading Eio Romaji

営郎 Word
えいろう Reading Eirou Romaji

営利 Word
えいり Reading
money-making Translation eng commercialized Translation eng commercialised Translation eng Gewinn Translation ger Profit Translation ger Erwerb Translation ger commercial Translation fre faisant du profit Translation fre

営利的 Word
えいりてき Reading
commercial Translation eng kommerziell Translation ger

営利会社 Word
えいりがいしゃ Reading
profit-making company Translation eng Profitunternehmen Translation ger

営利事業 Word
えいりじぎょう Reading
profit-making enterprise Translation eng Profitunternehmen Translation ger

営利主義 Word
えいりしゅぎ Reading
commercialism Translation eng Profitstreben Translation ger Handelsgeist Translation ger

営林 Word
えいりん Reading
forest management Translation eng Forstwirtschaft Translation ger Forstwesen Translation ger

営林署 Word
えいりんしょ Reading
forest service field office Translation eng Forstamt Translation ger

営美 Word
えいみ Reading Eimi Romaji

営農 Word
えいのう Reading
farming Translation eng agriculture Translation eng Landwirtschaft Translation ger

営三 Word
えいぞう Reading Eizou Romaji

営舎 Word
えいしゃ Reading
barracks Translation eng Kaserne Translation ger Soldatenbaracke Translation ger

営樹 Word
えいじゅ Reading Eiju Romaji

営所 Word
えいしょ Reading
barracks Translation eng camp Translation eng Kaserne Translation ger Truppenlager Translation ger

営田 Word
つくた Reading Tsukuta Romaji

営団 Word
えいだん Reading
corporation Translation eng foundation Translation eng Gesellschaft Translation ger Korporation Translation ger Körperschaft Translation ger Verband Translation ger

営団 Word
えいだん Reading Eidan Romaji

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