Character open space, field, market Definition
CHANG2 CHANG3 Pinyin coeng4 Jyutping JOU On BA Kun Hangul CANG Korean *djhiɑng Tang trường Viet
U+573A Simplified U+5872 Variant

place Translation eng occasion Translation eng situation Translation eng field (physics) Translation eng Platz Translation ger Stelle Translation ger Ort Translation ger Raum Translation ger Platz Translation ger Sitzplatz Translation ger {Theat.} Szene Translation ger Auftritt Translation ger Feld Translation ger Gebiet Translation ger Sitzung Translation ger emplacement Translation fre endroit Translation fre espace Translation fre lieu Translation fre place Translation fre
その場 Crossref

えき Reading Eki Romaji

つるば Reading Tsuruba Romaji

Reading Ba Romaji

ばさき Reading Basaki Romaji

ばざき Reading Bazaki Romaji

Traditional Simplified
chang3 Pinyin
Feld (u.E.) Deutsch

chang2 Reading Pinyin chang3 Reading Pinyin ジョウ Reading On チョウ Reading On Reading Kun jang Reading Korean Reading Korean
location Meaning place Meaning lieu Meaning fr place Meaning fr aire Meaning fr champ (magnétique) Meaning fr lugar Meaning es situación Meaning es momento Meaning es localização Meaning pt lugar Meaning pt

Traditional Simplified
chang2 Pinyin
|, threshing floor Variant

Traditional Simplified
chang3 Pinyin
|, place, open space Variant

大火 Traditional 大火 Simplified
da4 huo3 Pinyin
conflagration English large fire English

大風 Traditional 大风 Simplified
da4 feng1 Pinyin
gale English

官司 Traditional 官司 Simplified
guan1 si5 Pinyin
lawsuit English

打架 Traditional 打架 Simplified
da3 jia4 Pinyin
to fight English to scuffle English to come to blows English

暴風雪 Traditional 暴风雪 Simplified
bao4 feng1 xue3 Pinyin
snowstorm English blizzard English

Traditional Simplified
bing4 Pinyin
ailment English sickness English illness English disease English fall ill English sick English defect English

Traditional Simplified
xiu4 Pinyin
handsome English refined English elegant English graceful English performance English ear of grain English show (loanword) English

Traditional Simplified
jiao4 Pinyin
a nap English a sleep English

車禍 Traditional 车祸 Simplified
che1 huo4 Pinyin
traffic accident English car crash English

Traditional Simplified
xue3 Pinyin
snow English snowfall English to have the appearance of snow English to wipe away, off or out English to clean English

風波 Traditional 风波 Simplified
feng1 bo1 Pinyin
disturbance English crisis English disputes English restlessness English

感冒 Traditional 感冒 Simplified
gan3 mao4 Pinyin
to catch cold English (common) cold English

戰爭 Traditional 战争 Simplified
zhan4 zheng1 Pinyin
war English conflict English

戰鬥 Traditional 战斗 Simplified
zhan4 dou4 Pinyin
to fight English to battle English

演出 Traditional 演出 Simplified
yan3 chu1 Pinyin
to act (in a play) English to perform English to put on (a performance) English performance English concert English show English

Traditional Simplified
meng4 Pinyin
dream English

冰雹 Traditional 冰雹 Simplified
bing1 bao2 Pinyin
hail English hailstone English

暴雨 Traditional 暴雨 Simplified
bao4 yu3 Pinyin
torrential rain English rainstorm English

Traditional Simplified
wu4 Pinyin
fog English mist English

公園 Traditional 公园 Simplified
gong1 yuan2 Pinyin
public park English

單打 Traditional 单打 Simplified
dan1 da3 Pinyin
singles (in sports) English

拍賣會 Traditional 拍卖会 Simplified
pai1 mai4 hui4 Pinyin
auction English

接力賽 Traditional 接力賽 Simplified
jie1 li4 sai4 Pinyin
relay race English

文藝演出 Traditional 文艺演出 Simplified
wen2 yi4 yan3 chu1 Pinyin
theatrical performance English

游泳池 Traditional 游泳池 Simplified
you2 yong3 chi2 Pinyin
swimming pool English

球賽 Traditional 球赛 Simplified
qiu2 sai4 Pinyin
sports match English ballgame English

網球賽 Traditional 网球赛 Simplified
wang3 qiu2 sai4 Pinyin
tennis match English tennis competition English

舞會 Traditional 舞会 Simplified
wu3 hui4 Pinyin
dance English ball English party English

虛驚 Traditional 虚惊 Simplified
xu1 jing1 Pinyin
false alarm English panic rumor English

表演 Traditional 表演 Simplified
biao3 yan3 Pinyin
play English show English performance English exhibition English to perform English to act English to demonstrate English

遊戲 Traditional 游戏 Simplified
you2 xi4 Pinyin
game English play English

雙打 Traditional 双打 Simplified
shuang1 da3 Pinyin
doubles (in sports) English

雜技 Traditional 杂技 Simplified
za2 ji4 Pinyin
acrobatics English

音樂會 Traditional 音乐会 Simplified
yin1 yue4 hui4 Pinyin
concert English

騙局 Traditional 骗局 Simplified
pian4 ju2 Pinyin
a swindle English a trap English a racket English a scam English

京劇 Traditional 京剧 Simplified
Jing1 ju4 Pinyin
Beijing opera English

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