Character grave, mound; ridge in field Definition
LONG3 Pinyin lung5 Jyutping RYOU ROU On UNE TSUKA Kun Hangul LONG Korean liǒng Tang lũng Viet
U+5784 Simplified U+F942 Variant

Word Word Word
おか Reading
hill Translation eng height Translation eng knoll Translation eng rising ground Translation eng Hügel Translation ger Anhöhe Translation ger Erhebung Translation ger colline Translation fre partie de terrain surélevé Translation fre холм Translation rus

Traditional Simplified
long3 Pinyin
monopolize English

Traditional Simplified
long3 Pinyin
monopolisieren, an sich reißen (u.E.) Deutsch

long3 Reading Pinyin ロウ Reading On リョウ Reading On おか Reading Kun うね Reading Kun つか Reading Kun rong Reading Korean Reading Korean
mound Meaning grave Meaning rice field dike Meaning

壟断 Word
ろうだん Reading
monopoly Translation eng Monopol Translation ger

壟斷 Traditional 垄断 Simplified
long3 duan4 Pinyin
enjoy market dominance English monopolize English

壟斷販賣 Traditional 垄断贩卖 Simplified
long3 duan4 fan4 mai4 Pinyin
monopoly English

壟斷力 Traditional 垄断力 Simplified
long3 duan4 li4 Pinyin
Monopolmacht (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

壟斷企業 Traditional 垄断企业 Simplified
long3 duan4 qi3 ye4 Pinyin
Monopolist (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

壟溝 Traditional 垄沟 Simplified
long3 gou1 Pinyin
Furche, Ackerfurche (S) Deutsch

壟畝 Word 隴畝 Word
ろうほ Reading
ridges of and paths between fields Translation eng countryside Translation eng civilian Translation eng

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