Character number one Definition 1 Value

いち Reading
one (used in legal documents) Translation eng eins Translation ger 1 Translation ger (Ziffer in Dokumenten) Translation ger один (гл. обр. на ценных бумагах и т. п.) Translation rus

一万円 Word 壱万円 Word 1万円 Word
いちまんえん Reading
10,000 Yen Translation eng

Reading I Romaji

いち Reading Ichi Romaji

はじめ Reading Hajime Romaji

ひと Reading Hito Romaji

Traditional Simplified
yi1 Pinyin
Japanese variant of banker's anti-fraud numeral one English

yi1 Reading Pinyin イチ Reading On イツ Reading On ひとつ Reading Kun Nanori かず Nanori il Reading Korean Reading Korean
I Meaning one Meaning un (I) Meaning fr I Meaning es uno (para documentos legales) Meaning es Um Meaning pt

壱ツ石 Word
ひとついし Reading Hitotsuishi Romaji

壱ッ屋 Word
ひとつや Reading Hitotsuya Romaji

壱ツ屋 Word
ひつとや Reading Hitsutoya Romaji

壱ツ屋 Word
ひとつや Reading Hitotsuya Romaji

壱保 Word
かずほ Reading Kazuho Romaji

壱本木 Word
いっぽんぎ Reading Ippongi Romaji

壱遍 Word
いっぺん Reading Ippen Romaji

壱兵 Word
いっぺい Reading Ippei Romaji

壱部免 Word
いちぶめん Reading Ichibumen Romaji

壱部浦 Word
いちぶうら Reading Ichibuura Romaji

壱菜 Word
いちな Reading Ichina Romaji

壱蔵 Word
いちぞう Reading Ichizou Romaji

壱茶 Word
いっさ Reading Issa Romaji

壱成 Word
いっせい Reading Issei Romaji

壱次 Word
いちじ Reading Ichiji Romaji

壱村 Word
いちむら Reading Ichimura Romaji

壱瑳 Word
いっさ Reading Issa Romaji

壱代 Word
いちよ Reading Ichiyo Romaji

壱俤 Word
いってい Reading Ittei Romaji

壱丁 Word
いちちょう Reading Ichichou Romaji

壱丁目 Word
いっちょうめ Reading Icchoume Romaji

壱丁田 Word
いっちょうだ Reading Icchouda Romaji

壱東 Word
いちとう Reading Ichitou Romaji

壱東 Word
いっとう Reading Ittou Romaji

壱斗 Word
いちと Reading Ichito Romaji

壱斗山 Word
いっとやま Reading Ittoyama Romaji

壱多郎 Word
いちたろう Reading Ichitarou Romaji

壱多朗 Word
いちたろう Reading Ichitarou Romaji

壱二 Word
いちじ Reading Ichiji Romaji

壱法 Word
いつぽう Reading Itsupou Romaji

壱番 Word
いちばん Reading Ichiban Romaji

壱反田 Word
いちほりた Reading Ichihorita Romaji

壱分 Word
いちぶ Reading Ichibu Romaji

壱夫 Word
いちお Reading Ichio Romaji

壱夫 Word
いつお Reading Itsuo Romaji

壱夫 Word
かずお Reading Kazuo Romaji

壱耕地 Word
いちこうち Reading Ichikouchi Romaji

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