Character sell; [NOT casing, shell, husk] Definition
MAI4 Pinyin BAI MAI On URU Kun MAY Korean
U+8CE3 Variant

Traditional Simplified
mai4 Pinyin
Japanese variant of | English to sell English

mai4 Reading Pinyin バイ Reading On . Reading Kun .れる Reading Kun うり Nanori うる Nanori Nanori mae Reading Korean Reading Korean
sell Meaning vendre Meaning fr vender Meaning es ensanchar Meaning es propagar Meaning es ser vendido Meaning es Vender Meaning pt

売り Word
うり Reading
sale Translation eng selling Translation eng selling point Translation eng gimmick Translation eng Verkauf Translation ger

売りオペ Word
うりオペ Reading
selling operation Translation eng

売り捌く Word 売りさばく Word
うりさばく Reading
to sell out Translation eng to sell widely Translation eng to sell on a large scale Translation eng schnell absetzen Translation ger

売り付ける Word 売りつける Word
うりつける Reading
to palm off Translation eng to force a sale Translation eng einen Kauf aufdrängen Translation ger Ware aufschwatzen Translation ger

売りに出す Word
うりにだす Reading
to offer for sale Translation eng to put on the market Translation eng

売り捌き Word
うりさばき Reading
selling Translation eng Schnellverkauf Translation ger schneller Absatz Translation ger

売り歩く Word
うりあるく Reading
to peddle Translation eng auf der Straße verkaufen Translation ger hausieren mit ... Translation ger

売り場 Word 売場 Word
うりば Reading
place where things are sold Translation eng point of sale Translation eng POS Translation eng sales floor Translation eng counter (in shop) Translation eng Verkaufsstand Translation ger Verkaufsabteilung Translation ger lieu de vente Translation fre секция (в торговом зале) Translation rus прилавок Translation rus торговая стойка Translation rus киоск Translation rus

売り出し Word 売出し Word 売出 Word
うりだし Reading
(bargain) sale Translation eng Ausverkauf Translation ger Großverkauf Translation ger Markteinführung Translation ger (eines neuen Produktes) Translation ger

売り出す Word
うりだす Reading
to put on sale Translation eng to market Translation eng to become popular Translation eng zum Verkauf anbieten Translation ger auf den Markt bringen Translation ger feilbieten Translation ger sich einen Namen machen Translation ger berühmt werden Translation ger mettre en vente Translation fre mettre sur le marché Translation fre émettre Translation fre se lancer Translation fre lancer Translation fre

売地 Word 売り地 Word
うりち Reading
land for sale Translation eng

売り渡し Word
うりわたし Reading
sale Translation eng selling Translation eng Verkauf Translation ger

売り渡す Word
うりわたす Reading
to sell over to Translation eng verkaufen Translation ger absetzen Translation ger veräußern Translation ger abstoßen Translation ger losschlagen Translation ger

売り児 Word
うりこ Reading
sales clerk Translation eng shopgirl Translation eng

売り払う Word
うりはらう Reading
to dispose of Translation eng alles verkaufen Translation ger ausverkaufen Translation ger abstoßen Translation ger

売り方 Word
うりかた Reading
seller Translation eng selling side Translation eng art of selling Translation eng

売り飛ばす Word
うりとばす Reading
to dispose of Translation eng to sell off Translation eng losschlagen Translation ger (Ware) Translation ger zu Geld machen Translation ger

売り掛け Word
うりかけ Reading
credit sales Translation eng Verkauf auf Kredit Translation ger Anschreiben Translation ger

売り掛け金 Word 売掛金 Word
うりかけきん Reading
accounts receivable Translation eng Außenstände Translation ger

売り広げる Word
うりひろげる Reading
to find a market for Translation eng to extend the sale of Translation eng

売り広める Word
うりひろめる Reading
to expand a market Translation eng to find a new market Translation eng

売り急ぐ Word
うりいそぐ Reading
to sell in haste Translation eng überstürzt verkaufen Translation ger voreilig verkaufen Translation ger

売り家 Word 売家 Word
うりや Reading うりいえ Reading
house for sale Translation eng zum Verkauf stehendes Haus Translation ger

売り尽くす Word 売り尽す Word
うりつくす Reading
to sell out Translation eng to exhaust one's stock Translation eng

売り叩く Word
うりたたく Reading
to beat down prices Translation eng losschlagen Translation ger unter Marktpreis verkaufen Translation ger

売り立て Word
うりたて Reading
auctioning or selling off Translation eng Ausverkauf Translation ger Sonderverkauf Translation ger Auktion Translation ger Verkauf zu fixem Datum Translation ger

売り買い Word
うりかい Reading
trade Translation eng buying and selling Translation eng Verkauf und Einkauf Translation ger Handel Translation ger

売り切る Word
うりきる Reading
to sell out Translation eng to sell off Translation eng ausverkaufen Translation ger

売り切れ Word 売切れ Word 売切 Word
うりきれ Reading
sold-out Translation eng Ausgehen Translation ger Ausverkauft-Sein Translation ger épuisement du stock/tout est vendu/complet Translation fre

売り切れる Word 売切れる Word
うりきれる Reading
to be sold out Translation eng ausverkauft sein Translation ger nichts mehr vorrätig haben Translation ger être épuisé (article) Translation fre complet (sold out) Translation fre

売り込み Word
うりこみ Reading
sales promotion Translation eng Vertrieb Translation ger Verkaufswerbung Translation ger

売り込む Word
うりこむ Reading
to build a market for Translation eng to become well-known Translation eng to sell Translation eng verkaufen Translation ger vertreiben Translation ger sich verkaufen Translation ger werben Translation ger Reklame machen Translation ger promotion des ventes Translation fre

売り上げ Word 売上げ Word 売上 Word 売り上 Word
うりあげ Reading
amount sold Translation eng proceeds Translation eng Erlös Translation ger Ertrag Translation ger Umsatz Translation ger Gewinn Translation ger Einnahme Translation ger Verkauf Translation ger Quittung Translation ger produit d'une vente Translation fre

売上高 Word 売り上げ高 Word
うりあげだか Reading
sales Translation eng amount sold Translation eng proceeds Translation eng Umsatz Translation ger

売上税 Word 売り上げ税 Word
うりあげぜい Reading
sales tax Translation eng Umsatzsteuer Translation ger

売り声 Word
うりごえ Reading
hawker's or vendor's cry Translation eng Ruf des Marktschreiers Translation ger Ruf des Straßenverkäufers Translation ger

売り手 Word 売手 Word
うりて Reading
seller Translation eng vendor Translation eng Verkäufer Translation ger Anbieter Translation ger fournisseur Translation fre vendeur Translation fre

売り手市場 Word
うりてしじょう Reading
seller's market Translation eng Verkäufermarkt Translation ger

売り物 Word
うりもの Reading
article for sale Translation eng offering Translation eng For Sale Translation eng Verkaufsgegenstand Translation ger Verkaufsartikel Translation ger Verkaufsobjekt Translation ger besondere Vorzüge Translation ger argument de vente Translation fre article de vente Translation fre vendre" Translation fre

売り物にする Word
うりものにする Reading
to market (something) Translation eng to feature (something to sell) Translation eng to trade in (something) Translation eng to securitize Translation eng

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