Character man, male adult, husband; those Definition
FU1 FU2 Pinyin fu1 fu4 Jyutping FU FUU On OTTO OTOKO SORE Kun Hangul PWU Korean *bio bhio Tang phu Viet

Word Word Word
つま Reading
wife Translation eng dear (formerly used by romantically linked men and women to refer to one another) Translation eng garnish (esp. one served with sashimi) Translation eng embellishment Translation eng Ehefrau Translation ger (f) Translation ger Frau Translation ger (f) Translation ger Gattin Translation ger (f) Translation ger Gemahlin Translation ger (f) Translation ger verheiratete Frau Translation ger (f) Translation ger (unhöflich) Translation ger {Kochk.} Garnierung Translation ger (f) Translation ger Verzierung Translation ger (f) Translation ger {Archit.} dreieckige Wandfläche Translation ger (f) Translation ger unterhalb des Giebels und oberhalb des giebelseitigen Daches Translation ger épouse Translation fre femme Translation fre жена Translation rus
Restriction Restriction

おっと Reading
husband Translation eng Ehemann Translation ger Mann Translation ger époux Translation fre (mon) mari Translation fre муж Translation rus

おさち Reading Osachi Romaji

Reading Fu Romaji

ふり Reading Furi Romaji

ふるかつと Reading Furukatsuto Romaji

Reading Pu Romaji

Traditional Simplified
fu1 Pinyin
husband English man English manual worker English conscripted laborer (old) English

Traditional Simplified
fu2 Pinyin
Ehemann, Gatte (S) Deutsch Mann (S) Deutsch

fu1 Reading Pinyin fu2 Reading Pinyin Reading On フウ Reading On Reading On おっと Reading Kun それ Reading Kun Nanori Nanori ゆう Nanori Nanori bu Reading Korean Reading Korean
husband Meaning man Meaning mari Meaning fr homme Meaning fr marido Meaning es hombre Meaning es esposo Meaning es marido Meaning pt homem Meaning pt

Traditional Simplified
fu1 Pinyin
| Variant

夫の君 Word
せのきみ Reading
one's husband Translation eng

妻の命 Word 夫の命 Word
つまのみこと Reading
you (referring to one's spouse or partner) Translation eng dear Translation eng

夫の権利 Word
おっとのけんり Reading
marital rights Translation eng

各々 Word 各各 Word 夫れ夫れ Word 夫夫 Word 夫々 Word 其れ其れ Word 其其 Word 其々 Word Word
それぞれ Reading おのおの Reading
each Translation eng every Translation eng either Translation eng respectively Translation eng severally Translation eng jeder Translation ger jedes Translation ger jede Translation ger jedermann Translation ger jeder Translation ger jeder einzelne Translation ger alle Translation ger chacun Translation fre chacun respectivement Translation fre chaque Translation fre individuellement Translation fre все Translation rus каждый Translation rus

夫兵衛 Word
ふひょうえ Reading Fuhyoue Romaji

夫差 Word
ふさ Reading Fusa Romaji

夫慈 Word
ゆうじ Reading Yuuji Romaji

夫次郎 Word
ふじろう Reading Fujirou Romaji

夫二 Word
ふじ Reading Fuji Romaji

夫二郎 Word
ふじろう Reading Fujirou Romaji

夫妃子 Word
ふきこ Reading Fukiko Romaji

夫婦 Traditional 夫妇 Simplified
fu1 fu4 Pinyin
a (married) couple English husband and wife English

夫婦 Traditional 夫妇 Simplified
fu1 fu4 Pinyin
Eheleute, Ehepaar (u.E.) Deutsch

夫婦間 Traditional 夫妇间 Simplified
fu1 fu4 jian1 Pinyin
ehelich (u.E.) Deutsch

夫婦 Word
ふうふ Reading めおと Reading みょうと Reading
married couple Translation eng spouses Translation eng husband and wife Translation eng couple Translation eng pair Translation eng Mann und Frau Translation ger Ehepaar Translation ger Eheleute Translation ger verheiratetes Paar Translation ger époux Translation fre couple Translation fre couple marié Translation fre homme et femme Translation fre супруги Translation rus муж и жена Translation rus

夫婦喧嘩 Word 夫婦げんか Word
ふうふげんか Reading
matrimonial quarrel Translation eng Ehekrach Translation ger Ehestreit Translation ger Ehezwist Translation ger
痴話喧嘩 Crossref

夫婦スギ Word
めおとすぎ Reading Meotosugi Romaji

夫婦の道 Word
ふうふのみち Reading
marital virtues Translation eng eheliche Tugenden Translation ger

夫婦の和 Word
ふうふのわ Reading
conjugal harmony Translation eng concord between husband and wife Translation eng

夫婦別れ Word
ふうふわかれ Reading
divorce Translation eng separation Translation eng Scheidung Translation ger

夫婦池 Word
みょうといけ Reading Myoutoike Romaji

夫婦川 Word
ふうふがわ Reading Fuufugawa Romaji

夫婦島 Word
めおとじま Reading Meotojima Romaji

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