Character absurd, foolish, reckless; false Definition
WANG4 Pinyin mong5 Jyutping BOU MOU On MIDARI MIDARINI Kun Hangul MANG Korean miɑ̀ng Tang

Traditional Simplified
wang4 Pinyin
absurd English fantastic English presumptuous English rash English

wang4 Reading Pinyin モウ Reading On ボウ Reading On みだ.りに Reading Kun mang Reading Korean Reading Korean
delusion Meaning unnecessarily Meaning without authority Meaning reckless Meaning illusion Meaning fr inutile Meaning fr sans autorisation Meaning fr imprudent Meaning fr ilusión Meaning es engaño Meaning es innecesariamente Meaning es arbitrariamente Meaning es sin razón Meaning es desilusão Meaning pt desnecessariamente Meaning pt sem autoridade Meaning pt inconsequente Meaning pt

妄りに Word 濫りに Word 猥りに Word
みだりに Reading
without authority Translation eng without reason Translation eng arbitrarily Translation eng unnecessarily Translation eng indiscriminately Translation eng recklessly Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger ohne Erlaubnis Translation ger ohne Grund Translation ger ohne Rücksicht Translation ger rücksichtslos Translation ger

妄弁 Word
ぼうべん Reading
incoherent talk Translation eng

妄動 Traditional 妄动 Simplified
wang4 dong4 Pinyin
to rush indiscriminately into action English

妄動 Word 盲動 Word
ぼうどう Reading もうどう Reading
acting blindly Translation eng unbesonnene Handlung Translation ger

妄断 Word
もうだん Reading
reckless decision Translation eng unbegründetes Urteil Translation ger eigenwilliges Urteil Translation ger

妄斷 Traditional 妄断 Simplified
wang4 duan4 Pinyin
to jump to an unfounded conclusion English

妄斷 Traditional 妄断 Simplified
wang4 duan4 Pinyin
vorschnell negativ beurteilen (u.E.) (V) Deutsch

妄挙 Word
ぼうきょ Reading
unreasonable actions Translation eng lack of discrimination Translation eng unbesonnene Handlung Translation ger

妄念 Word
もうねん Reading
conviction based on flawed ideas Translation eng obstructive thought Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger Wahn Translation ger Einbildung Translation ger Obsession Translation ger

妄念 Traditional 妄念 Simplified
wang4 nian4 Pinyin
wild fantasy English unwarranted thought English

妄評 Word
ぼうひょう Reading もうひょう Reading
unfair criticism Translation eng abusive remarks Translation eng unangemessene Kritik Translation ger ungerechte Kritik Translation ger die eigene Kritik an jmdm. anderen Translation ger (besch.) Translation ger

妄求 Traditional 妄求 Simplified
wang4 qiu2 Pinyin
inappropriate or presumptuous demands English

妄取 Traditional 妄取 Simplified
wang4 qu3 Pinyin
to take sth without permission English

妄人 Traditional 妄人 Simplified
wang4 ren2 Pinyin
presumptuous and ignorant person English

妄人 Traditional 妄人 Simplified
wang4 ren2 Pinyin
aufgeblasener Dummkopf (u.E.) (S, vulg) Deutsch

妄說 Traditional 妄说 Simplified
wang4 shuo1 Pinyin
to talk irresponsibly English ridiculous presumption talk English

妄説 Word
ぼうせつ Reading もうせつ Reading
fallacy Translation eng false report Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger unbesonnene Äußerung Translation ger grundlose Äußerung Translation ger ошибка Translation rus заблуждение Translation rus

妄圖 Traditional 妄图 Simplified
wang4 tu2 Pinyin
to try in vain English futile attempt English

妄為 Traditional 妄为 Simplified
wang4 wei2 Pinyin
to take rash action English

妄羨 Traditional 妄羡 Simplified
wang4 xian4 Pinyin
begehrlich (u.E.) (Adj) Deutsch

妄想 Word 盲想 Word
もうそう Reading ぼうそう Reading
wild idea Translation eng delusion Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger Wahn Translation ger Wahnidee Translation ger Wahnvorstellung Translation ger (se faire des) illusions Translation fre

妄想 Traditional 妄想 Simplified
wang4 xiang3 Pinyin
to attempt vainly English a vain attempt English

妄想狂 Traditional 妄想狂 Simplified
wang4 xiang3 kuang2 Pinyin
paranoia English megalomaniac English

妄想癖 Word
もうそうへき Reading
day-dreamer Translation eng fantasist Translation eng

妄想症 Word
もうそうしょう Reading
paranoia Translation eng

妄信 Word 盲信 Word
ぼうしん Reading もうしん Reading
blind acceptance Translation eng blind belief Translation eng credulity Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger blinder Glaube Translation ger crédulité Translation fre

妄言 Word 暴言 Word
ぼうげん Reading もうげん Reading
reckless remark Translation eng rash remark Translation eng abusive language Translation eng thoughtless words Translation eng beleidigende Worte Translation ger verletzende Äußerung Translation ger

妄言 Traditional 妄言 Simplified
wang4 yan2 Pinyin
lies English wild talk English to tell lies English to talk nonsense English fantasy (literature) English

妄用 Word
ぼうよう Reading
misuse Translation eng abuse Translation eng Missbrauch Translation ger

妄語 Traditional 妄语 Simplified
wang4 yu3 Pinyin
to tell lies English to talk nonsense English

妄語 Word
もうご Reading
lie Translation eng falsehood Translation eng {Buddh.} Lüge Translation ger Unwahrheit Translation ger (eine der fünf buddh. Sünden) Translation ger

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