Character opening, hole, orifice; great Definition
KONG3 Pinyin hung2 Jyutping KOU On ANA HANAHADA Kun Hangul KONG Korean *kǔng Tang khổng Viet

Word Word
あな Reading
hole Translation eng deficit Translation eng shortage Translation eng missing person (in a team, meeting, etc.) Translation eng vacancy Translation eng opening Translation eng flaw Translation eng profitable place (or item, etc.) not well known by others Translation eng upset victory (with a large payoff) Translation eng pit (of a theater) Translation eng hiding place Translation eng underbelly (of society, etc.) Translation eng Loch Translation ger Höhle Translation ger Öffnung Translation ger Ritze Translation ger Spalte Translation ger Leck Translation ger Senke Translation ger Beule Translation ger Höhle Translation ger Loch Translation ger Bau Translation ger Grube Translation ger Bergwerk Translation ger Lücke Translation ger Verlust Translation ger Defizit Translation ger Fehler Translation ger Grab Translation ger Grube Translation ger Außenseiter Translation ger trou Translation fre
平土間 Crossref 穴が開いている Crossref

こう Reading Kou Romaji

こうの Reading Kouno Romaji

こん Reading Kon Romaji

たかし Reading Takashi Romaji

とおる Reading Tooru Romaji

Traditional Simplified
Kong3 Pinyin
surname Kong English

Traditional Simplified
kong3 Pinyin
hole English classifier for cave dwellings English

Traditional Simplified
kong3 Pinyin
Bohrung (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

kong3 Reading Pinyin コウ Reading On あな Reading Kun のり Nanori gong Reading Korean Reading Korean
cavity Meaning hole Meaning slit Meaning very Meaning great Meaning exceedingly Meaning cavité Meaning fr trou Meaning fr fente Meaning fr très Meaning fr grand Meaning fr extrêmement Meaning fr cavidad Meaning es agujero Meaning es raja Meaning es grieta Meaning es Cavidade Meaning pt buraco Meaning pt fenda Meaning pt muito Meaning pt grande Meaning pt excessivamente Meaning pt

孔パターン Word
こうパターン Reading
hole pattern Translation eng

孔を穿つ Word
こうをうがつ Reading
to pierce a hole Translation eng

孔八 Word
こうはち Reading Kouhachi Romaji

孔版 Word
こうはん Reading
mimeograph Translation eng Mimeograf Translation ger Kopiergerät Translation ger

孔版印刷 Word
こうはんいんさつ Reading
stencil printing Translation eng mimeographic printing Translation eng

孔本 Word
あなもと Reading Anamoto Romaji

孔成 Word
こうせい Reading Kousei Romaji

孔村 Word
あなむら Reading Anamura Romaji

孔島 Word
くしま Reading Kushima Romaji

孔道 Traditional 孔道 Simplified
kong3 dao4 Pinyin
opening providing access English the teaching of Confucius English

孔道 Traditional 孔道 Simplified
kong3 dao4 Pinyin
eröffnen (u.E.) (V) Deutsch

孔東 Traditional 孔东 Simplified
kong3 dong1 Pinyin
condom (loanword) English see 安全套[an1 quan2 tao4] English

孔洞 Traditional 孔洞 Simplified
kong3 dong4 Pinyin
Höhle (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

孔二 Word
こうじ Reading Kouji Romaji

孔二男 Word
くにお Reading Kunio Romaji

孔輔 Word
こうすけ Reading Kousuke Romaji

孔弓 Word
よしゆみ Reading Yoshiyumi Romaji

孔井 Word
あない Reading Anai Romaji

孔徑 Traditional 孔径 Simplified
kong3 jing4 Pinyin
diameter of hole English

孔徑 Traditional 孔径 Simplified
kong3 jing4 Pinyin
Bohrung, Bohrungsdurchmesser (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

孔靖 Word
こうせい Reading Kousei Romaji

孔久 Word
よしひさ Reading Yoshihisa Romaji

孔俊 Word
よしとし Reading Yoshitoshi Romaji

孔口 Traditional 孔口 Simplified
kong3 kou3 Pinyin
Drosselblende (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

孔璃子 Word
くりこ Reading Kuriko Romaji

孔亮 Word
よしあき Reading Yoshiaki Romaji

孔令輝 Traditional 孔令辉 Simplified
kong3 ling4 hui1 Pinyin
Kong Linghui (u.E.) (Pers) Deutsch

孔令輝 Word
こうれいき Reading Koureiki Romaji

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