Character Song dynasty; surname Definition
SONG4 Pinyin sung3 Jyutping SOU On SUMAI ORU Kun Hangul SONG Korean *sòng Tang tống Viet

南宋 Word
なんそう Reading
Southern Song (dynasty of China) Translation eng {chin. Gesch.} Südliche Song-Dynastie Translation ger (1127-1279) Translation ger

北宋 Word
ほくそう Reading
Northern Song (dynasty of China) Translation eng

そう Reading
Song (dynasty of China) Translation eng

さん Reading San Romaji

Reading So Romaji

そう Reading Sou Romaji

そん Reading Son Romaji

song4 Reading Pinyin ソウ Reading On song Reading Korean Reading Korean
dwell Meaning Sung dynasty Meaning dinastía china Sung Meaning es

宋ら Word
そうら Reading Soura Romaji

宋本 Word
そうもと Reading Soumoto Romaji

宋朝 Word
そうちょう Reading Sung Dynasty Romaji

宋詞 Word
そうし Reading
Song poetry Translation eng

宋慈 Traditional 宋慈 Simplified
song4 ci2 Pinyin
Song Ci (u.E.) (Eig, Pers, 1186 - 1249) Deutsch

宋代 Traditional 宋代 Simplified
Song4 dai4 Pinyin
Song dynasty (960-1279) English

宋華 Traditional 宋华 Simplified
song4 hua2 Pinyin
Song Hua (Name) (u.E.) (Fam) Deutsch

宋徽宗 Traditional 宋徽宗 Simplified
Song4 Hui1 zong1 Pinyin
Emperor Huizong (Song Dynasty) English

宋基 Word
そんき Reading Sonki Romaji

宋吉 Word
そうきち Reading Soukichi Romaji

宋江 Word
そうこう Reading Soukou Romaji

宋斤 Word
そうきん Reading Soukin Romaji

宋六 Word
そうろく Reading Souroku Romaji

宋馬 Word
そうま Reading Souma Romaji

宋美香 Word
えみか Reading Emika Romaji

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