Character especially, particularly Definition
YOU2 Pinyin jau4 Jyutping YUU On TOGAMERU TOGA MOTTOMO Kun Hangul WU Korean *hiou Tang

まさる Reading Masaru Romaji

ゆう Reading Yuu Romaji

りゆう Reading Riyuu Romaji

Traditional Simplified
You2 Pinyin
surname You English

Traditional Simplified
you2 Pinyin
outstanding English particularly, especially English a fault English to express discontentment against English

Traditional Simplified
you2 Pinyin
besonders, insbesondere (u.E.) Deutsch You (u.E.) (Eig, Fam) Deutsch

you2 Reading Pinyin ユウ Reading On もっと. Reading Kun とが.める Reading Kun u Reading Korean Reading Korean
reasonable Meaning just Meaning natural Meaning superb Meaning outstanding Meaning plausible Meaning

尤なる Word
ゆうなる Reading
superb Translation eng outstanding Translation eng hervorragend Translation ger exzellent Translation ger vorzüglich Translation ger

尤も Word
もっとも Reading
quite right Translation eng plausible Translation eng natural Translation eng but then Translation eng although Translation eng aber Translation ger jedoch Translation ger doch Translation ger allerdings Translation ger gleichwohl Translation ger naturlich Translation ger glaubhaft Translation ger plausibel Translation ger vernunftig Translation ger verstandlich Translation ger kein Wunder sein, dass ... Translation ger évident Translation fre cependant Translation fre naturel Translation fre

御尤も Word ご尤も Word
ごもっとも Reading
You are quite right Translation eng plausible Translation eng natural Translation eng ganz richtig Translation ger
尤も Crossref

尤もらしい Word
もっともらしい Reading
plausible Translation eng believable Translation eng solemn Translation eng dignified Translation eng serious Translation eng plausibel Translation ger scheibar treffend Translation ger ernst Translation ger formal Translation ger plausible Translation fre raisonable Translation fre

尤伯杯 Traditional 尤伯杯 Simplified
you2 bo2 bei1 Pinyin
Uber Cup (u.E.) (Sport) Deutsch

尤部山 Word
もとべさん Reading Motobesan Romaji

尤達 Traditional 尤达 Simplified
you2 da2 Pinyin
Yoda (u.E.) (Eig) Deutsch

尤度 Word
ゆうど Reading
plausibility Translation eng likelihood Translation eng Wahrscheinlichkeit Translation ger

尤二 Word
ゆうじ Reading Yuuji Romaji

尤詬 Traditional 尤诟 Simplified
you2 gou4 Pinyin
shame English disgrace English

尤佳 Word
ゆうか Reading Yuuka Romaji

尤金 Traditional 尤金 Simplified
you2 jin1 Pinyin
Eugen (u.E.) Deutsch

尤卡坦 Traditional 尤卡坦 Simplified
You2 ka3 tan3 Pinyin
Yucatan (Mexican province) English

尤坎 Traditional 尤坎 Simplified
You2 kan3 Pinyin
Rjukan (city in Norway) English

尤坎 Traditional 尤坎 Simplified
you2 kan3 Pinyin
Rjukan (u.E.) Deutsch

尤郎 Word
ゆうろう Reading Yuurou Romaji

尤里 Traditional 尤里 Simplified
you2 li3 Pinyin
Yuri (u.E.) Deutsch

尤利西斯 Traditional 尤利西斯 Simplified
You2 li4 xi1 si1 Pinyin
Ulysses (novel) English

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