Character house; room; building, shelter Definition
WU1 Pinyin nguk1 uk1 Jyutping OKU On YA YANE Kun Hangul OK Korean *quk Tang ốc Viet

Word Word
(something) shop Translation eng somebody who sells (something) or works as (something) Translation eng somebody with a (certain) personality trait Translation eng house Translation eng roof Translation eng
照れ屋 Crossref 殺し屋 Crossref パン屋 Crossref

おく Reading Oku Romaji

Traditional Simplified
wu1 Pinyin
house English room English

Traditional Simplified
wu1 Pinyin
Haus (u.E.) (S) Deutsch Zimmer (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

wu1 Reading Pinyin オク Reading On Reading Kun Nanori og Reading Korean Reading Korean
roof Meaning house Meaning shop Meaning dealer Meaning seller Meaning toit Meaning fr maison Meaning fr échoppe Meaning fr négociant Meaning fr vendeur Meaning fr casa Meaning es tejado Meaning es tienda Meaning es teto Meaning pt casa Meaning pt loja Meaning pt negociante Meaning pt vendedor Meaning pt

屋ケ田 Word
やがた Reading Yagata Romaji

屋ケ田 Word
やけた Reading Yaketa Romaji

屋ヶ田 Word
やがた Reading Yagata Romaji

屋ヶ田 Word
やげた Reading Yageta Romaji

屋板 Word
やいた Reading Yaita Romaji

屋板町 Word
やいたまち Reading Yaitamachi Romaji

屋保 Word
やほ Reading Yaho Romaji

屋北 Word
やきた Reading Yakita Romaji

屋貝 Word
やがい Reading Yagai Romaji

屋本 Word
やもと Reading Yamoto Romaji

屋比久 Word
やひき Reading Yahiki Romaji

屋比久 Word
やひく Reading Yahiku Romaji

屋比久 Word
やひひさ Reading Yahihisa Romaji

屋比久 Word
やびく Reading Yabiku Romaji

屋比久 Word
やびひさ Reading Yabihisa Romaji

屋並 Word
やななみ Reading Yananami Romaji

屋波牧 Word
やなみまき Reading Yanamimaki Romaji

屋布台 Word
やしきだい Reading Yashikidai Romaji

屋布添 Word
やしきぞえ Reading Yashikizoe Romaji

屋部 Word
やぶ Reading Yabu Romaji

屋部 Word
やべ Reading Yabe Romaji

屋部川 Word
やぶがわ Reading Yabugawa Romaji

屋部町 Word
やぶまち Reading Yabumachi Romaji

屋蔵 Word
やくら Reading Yakura Romaji

屋蔵墓 Word
やぐらばか Reading Yagurabaka Romaji

屋称下 Word
やねした Reading Yaneshita Romaji

屋成 Word
やなり Reading Yanari Romaji

屋城 Word
やしろ Reading Yashiro Romaji

屋城町 Word
やしろまち Reading Yashiromachi Romaji

屋川 Word
やごう Reading Yagou Romaji

屋吹 Word
やぶき Reading Yabuki Romaji

屋次 Word
やじ Reading Yaji Romaji

屋村 Word
やむら Reading Yamura Romaji

屋代 Word
おくしろ Reading Okushiro Romaji

屋代 Word
やしろ Reading Yashiro Romaji

屋代 Word
やじろ Reading Yajiro Romaji

屋代 Word
やだい Reading Yadai Romaji

屋代川 Word
やしろがわ Reading Yashirogawa Romaji

屋代島 Word
やしろじま Reading Yashirojima Romaji

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