Character cliff, precipice; cave, grotto Definition
YAN2 Pinyin ngaam4 Jyutping GAN On KEWASHII IWAO Kun
U+5DD6 Variant

Word Word Word
いわ Reading いわお Reading
rock Translation eng crag Translation eng Fels Translation ger Felsen Translation ger Klippe Translation ger Riff Translation ger roc Translation fre rocher Translation fre

いわ Reading Iwa Romaji

いわお Reading Iwao Romaji

いわさき Reading Iwasaki Romaji

いわのり Reading Iwanori Romaji

いわほ Reading Iwaho Romaji

がん Reading Gan Romaji

げん Reading Gen Romaji

たかし Reading Takashi Romaji

たけ Reading Take Romaji

yan2 Reading Pinyin ガン Reading On いわ Reading Kun いわお Reading Kun けわ.しい Reading Kun よし Nanori am Reading Korean Reading Korean
rock Meaning crag Meaning boulder Meaning peñasco Meaning es roca grande Meaning es roca Meaning es

巌本 Word
いわもと Reading Iwamoto Romaji

岩壁 Word 巌壁 Word
がんぺき Reading
wall of rock Translation eng rock cliff Translation eng rock face Translation eng Felswand Translation ger

巌倉 Word
いわくら Reading Iwakura Romaji

巌蔵 Word
いわぞう Reading Iwazou Romaji

巌城 Word
いわき Reading Iwaki Romaji

巌城 Word
いわしろ Reading Iwashiro Romaji

巌城橋 Word
いわきばし Reading Iwakibashi Romaji

巌川 Word
いわかわ Reading Iwakawa Romaji

巌次郎 Word
いわじろう Reading Iwajirou Romaji

巌大 Word
いわお Reading Iwao Romaji

巌島 Word
いわしま Reading Iwashima Romaji

巌洞 Word
がんどう Reading Gandou Romaji

巌二 Word
がんじ Reading Ganji Romaji

巌二郎 Word
いわじろう Reading Iwajirou Romaji

巌法 Word
いわのり Reading Iwanori Romaji

巌夫 Word
いつお Reading Itsuo Romaji

巌夫 Word
いわお Reading Iwao Romaji

巌高 Word
いわたか Reading Iwataka Romaji

巌根 Word
いわね Reading Iwane Romaji

巌谷 Word
いわや Reading Iwaya Romaji

巌弘 Word
いつひろ Reading Itsuhiro Romaji

巌后 Word
いわこ Reading Iwako Romaji

巌后 Word
いわご Reading Iwago Romaji

巌吉 Word
いわきち Reading Iwakichi Romaji

巌己 Word
いわみ Reading Iwami Romaji

巌紀 Word
いわのり Reading Iwanori Romaji

巌間 Word
いわま Reading Iwama Romaji

巌樫 Word
いずかし Reading Izukashi Romaji

巌樫 Word
いつかし Reading Itsukashi Romaji

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