Character scroll; curl; make a comeback Definition
U+6372 Variant

Word 巻き Word
まき Reading
roll (e.g. of cloth) Translation eng winding Translation eng volume (of book) Translation eng Rolle Translation ger Band Translation ger Buch Translation ger livre Translation fre rouleau Translation fre volume Translation fre

かん Reading
volume (of book) Translation eng reel (of film) Translation eng Band Translation ger Buch Translation ger

かん Reading Kan Romaji

まき Reading Maki Romaji

Traditional Simplified
juan3 Pinyin
Japanese variant of English

juan4 Reading Pinyin juan3 Reading Pinyin カン Reading On ケン Reading On . Reading Kun まき Reading Kun . Reading Kun gweon Reading Korean Reading Korean
scroll Meaning volume Meaning book Meaning part Meaning roll up Meaning wind up Meaning tie Meaning coil Meaning counter for texts (or book scrolls) Meaning rouleau Meaning fr livre Meaning fr tome Meaning fr volume Meaning fr partie Meaning fr enrouler Meaning fr envelopper Meaning fr compteur de textes (manuscrits roulés) Meaning fr enrollar Meaning es rollo Meaning es volumen Meaning es tomo Meaning es liar Meaning es rolo Meaning pt volume Meaning pt livro Meaning pt parte Meaning pt enrolar Meaning pt laço Meaning pt mola Meaning pt sufixo para contagem de para textos (em livros) Meaning pt

巻き返し Word 巻返し Word 巻きかえし Word
まきかえし Reading
rally Translation eng recovery Translation eng rollback Translation eng rewind Translation eng Sanierungsmaßnahmen Translation ger Aufholmaßnahmen Translation ger Gegenschlag Translation ger

巻尺 Word 巻き尺 Word 巻きじゃく Word
まきじゃく Reading
tape measure Translation eng Maßband Translation ger Bandmaß Translation ger Messband Translation ger mesure de rouleau Translation fre

巻きタバコ Word 巻き煙草 Word 巻タバコ Word 巻煙草 Word
まきタバコ Reading まきたばこ Reading
cigarette Translation eng cigar Translation eng Zigarre Translation ger Zigarette Translation ger

巻き付く Word 巻きつく Word 巻付く Word
まきつく Reading
to twine around Translation eng sich wickeln um etw. Translation ger sich ranken Translation ger

巻きつける Word 巻き付ける Word
まきつける Reading
to wreathe (e.g. rope) Translation eng wickeln Translation ger etw. um etw. wickeln Translation ger

巻きひげ Word 巻き鬚 Word 巻鬚 Word
まきひげ Reading けんしゅ Reading
tendril Translation eng {Bot.} Ranke Translation ger

巻き貝 Word 巻貝 Word
まきがい Reading
snail Translation eng spiral shell Translation eng {Muschelk.} Kreiselschnecke Translation ger Spiralmuschel Translation ger

巻き髪 Word 巻髪 Word
まきがみ Reading
curly hair Translation eng curled hair Translation eng

巻き返す Word
まきかえす Reading
to rally Translation eng to regain one's strength Translation eng

巻き毛 Word 巻毛 Word
まきげ Reading
curl Translation eng curly hair Translation eng ringlet Translation eng Locke Translation ger

巻き起こす Word 巻き起す Word
まきおこす Reading
to create (a sensation) Translation eng to give rise to (controversy) Translation eng hervorrufen Translation ger verursachen Translation ger aufwirbeln Translation ger

巻き込む Word 巻込む Word まき込む Word
まきこむ Reading
to roll up Translation eng to involve Translation eng to enfold Translation eng to swallow up Translation eng to drag into Translation eng einwickeln Translation ger einrollen in Translation ger verschlingen Translation ger erfassen Translation ger hineinziehen Translation ger verwickeln Translation ger engager Translation fre engloutir Translation fre entortiller Translation fre impliquer Translation fre

巻き上がる Word
まきあがる Reading
to roll up Translation eng to be rolled up Translation eng aufwirbeln Translation ger aufgerollt werden Translation ger

巻き上げる Word 巻き揚げる Word 捲き上げる Word 巻上げる Word
まきあげる Reading
to roll up Translation eng to hoist Translation eng to heave up Translation eng to take away Translation eng to rip off (e.g. money from someone) Translation eng to blow up (dust) Translation eng aufrollen Translation ger aufwickeln Translation ger aufwinden Translation ger hochziehen Translation ger abschwindeln Translation ger betrügen Translation ger jmdn. um etw. bringen Translation ger jmdn. um etw. prellen Translation ger Staub aufwirbeln Translation ger

巻き舌 Word
まきじた Reading
speak rapidly Translation eng roll one's r's Translation eng Rollen mit der Zunge Translation ger

巻き戻す Word 巻戻す Word
まきもどす Reading
to rewind Translation eng zurückspulen Translation ger

巻き添え Word 巻添え Word
まきぞえ Reading
getting involved (entangled) in Translation eng getting mixed up in Translation eng involvement Translation eng by-blow Translation eng Verwicklung Translation ger widerwillige Anteilnahme Translation ger être impliqué (dans un crime ou des circonstances désagréables) Translation fre devenir complice Translation fre

巻き網 Word 巻網 Word
まきあみ Reading
purse seine Translation eng round haul net Translation eng Ringfangnetz Translation ger

巻き物 Word 巻物 Word
まきもの Reading
scroll or rolled sheet Translation eng {bild. Kunst} Makimono Translation ger Schriftrolle Translation ger Bildrolle Translation ger

巻雲 Word 巻き雲 Word 絹雲 Word
けんうん Reading まきぐも Reading
cirrus (cloud) Translation eng {Meteor.} Zirrus Translation ger (aus feinsten Eisteilchen bestehende Federwolke) Translation ger

巻き紙 Word
まきがみ Reading
rolled letter paper Translation eng Papierrolle Translation ger zusammengerolltes Briefpapier Translation ger

巻き爪 Word
まきづめ Reading
ingrown toenail Translation eng

巻く Word 捲く Word
まく Reading
to wind Translation eng to coil Translation eng to roll Translation eng rollen Translation ger zusammenrollen Translation ger aufrollen Translation ger umwickeln Translation ger aufwickeln Translation ger drehen Translation ger aufziehen Translation ger umgeben Translation ger enrouler Translation fre envelopper Translation fre rouler Translation fre

巻ケ鼻 Word
まきがはな Reading Makigahana Romaji

巻ヶ鼻 Word
まきがはな Reading Makigahana Romaji

巻ノ嶋 Word
まきのしま Reading Makinoshima Romaji

巻ノ戸 Word
まきのと Reading Makinoto Romaji

巻坂 Word
まきさか Reading Makisaka Romaji

巻本 Word
まきもと Reading Makimoto Romaji

巻柄 Word
まきつか Reading Makitsuka Romaji

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