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DAI4 Pinyin TAI On OBI OBIRU Kun TAY Korean
U+5E36 Variant

おび Reading
obi (kimono sash) Translation eng paper wrapper on books, CDs, etc. Translation eng {Kleidung} Gürtel Translation ger Gurt Translation ger Leibbinde Translation ger Obi Translation ger Kimonogürtel Translation ger Schärpe Translation ger bande Translation fre ceinture (kimono) Translation fre оби (пояс для кимоно) Translation rus
帯紙 Crossref

Word Word 手繦 Word
たすき Reading
cord used to tuck up the sleeves of a kimono Translation eng wrapper on books, CDs, etc. Translation eng {Kleidung} Band zum Hochbinden der Kimonoärmel Translation ger {Kleidung} Schärpe Translation ger
Crossref 帯紙 Crossref

おび Reading Obi Romaji

Traditional Simplified
dai4 Pinyin
Japanese variant of | English

dai4 Reading Pinyin タイ Reading On .びる Reading Kun おび Reading Kun たて Nanori dae Reading Korean Reading Korean
sash Meaning belt Meaning obi Meaning zone Meaning region Meaning ceinture Meaning fr écharpe Meaning fr obi Meaning fr zone Meaning fr région Meaning fr faja Meaning es cinturón Meaning es zona Meaning es región Meaning es llevar Meaning es transportar Meaning es ceñirse Meaning es Faixa Meaning pt cinto Meaning pt obi Meaning pt zona Meaning pt região Meaning pt

帯グラフ Word
おびグラフ Reading
bar graph Translation eng rectangular graph Translation eng

帯びる Word
おびる Reading
to wear (sword, decoration, etc.) Translation eng to carry Translation eng to be entrusted (e.g. with a mission) Translation eng to take on Translation eng to have a trace of Translation eng to be tinged with Translation eng tragen Translation ger mit sich führen Translation ger beauftragt werden Translation ger einen Auftrag haben Translation ger enthalten Translation ger haben Translation ger annehmen Translation ger (eine neue Bedeutung) Translation ger être chargé (d'une mission) Translation fre être investi (d'un pouvoir) Translation fre porter Translation fre

帯を締める Word
おびをしめる Reading
do up a sash Translation eng den Obi binden Translation ger

帯板 Word
おびいた Reading
piece of stiff fabric worn under an obi to give more shape Translation eng batten plate Translation eng stay plate Translation eng

帯包 Word
おびかね Reading Obikane Romaji

帯包 Word
おびほう Reading Obihou Romaji

帯壁 Word
たてかべ Reading Tatekabe Romaji

帯邊 Word
おびべ Reading Obibe Romaji

帯杓 Word
おびしゃく Reading Obishaku Romaji

帯兵官 Traditional 帯兵官 Simplified
dai4 bing1 guan1 Pinyin
Truppenführer (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

帯部 Word
おびべ Reading Obibe Romaji

帯長 Word
おびなが Reading Obinaga Romaji

帯出 Word
たいしゅつ Reading
taking out Translation eng using at home Translation eng Ausleihen Translation ger Entleihen Translation ger

帯出禁止 Word
たいしゅつきんし Reading
Not to be taken out Translation eng Reference Only Translation eng

帯川 Word
おびかわ Reading Obikawa Romaji

帯川 Word
おびがわ Reading Obigawa Romaji

帯川 Word
たいせん Reading Taisen Romaji

帯刀 Word
たいとう Reading
wearing a sword Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger Tragen eines Schwertes Translation ger

帯刀 Word
おびがたな Reading Obigatana Romaji

帯刀 Word
おびたち Reading Obitachi Romaji

帯刀 Word
おびと Reading Obito Romaji

帯刀 Word
おびとう Reading Obitou Romaji

帯刀 Word
おびなた Reading Obinata Romaji

帯刀 Word
たいと Reading Taito Romaji

帯刀 Word
たいとう Reading Taitou Romaji

帯刀 Word
たてわき Reading Tatewaki Romaji

帯刀田 Word
おびとうた Reading Obitouta Romaji

帯島 Word
おびしま Reading Obishima Romaji

帯島 Word
おびじま Reading Obijima Romaji

帯島 Word
たいしま Reading Taishima Romaji

帯地 Word
おびじ Reading
obi cloth or material Translation eng {Kleidung} Obi-Stoff Translation ger Gürtelstoff Translation ger

帯電 Word
たいでん Reading
electrification Translation eng {Phys.} Elektrisierung Translation ger elektrische Aufladung Translation ger

帯電体 Word
たいでんたい Reading
charged body Translation eng {Phys.} geladener Körper Translation ger

帯辺 Word
おびべ Reading Obibe Romaji

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