Character hastily, in haste, hurriedly Definition
CONG1 Pinyin cung1 Jyutping SOU SU On NIWAKA Kun CHONG Korean tsung Tang

Traditional Simplified
cong1 Pinyin
hurried English hasty English

zong1 Reading Pinyin ソウ Reading On にわか Reading Kun あわ.てる Reading Kun さと Nanori chong Reading Korean Reading Korean
rush Meaning hurry Meaning be flustered Meaning

匆々 Word 怱々 Word 匆匆 Word 怱怱 Word
そうそう Reading
busy Translation eng hurried Translation eng rushed Translation eng Yours Sincerely Translation eng Yours in haste Translation eng
草々 Crossref

怱怱 Traditional 怱怱 Simplified
cong1 cong1 Pinyin
匆匆|匆匆[cong1 cong1] Variant

怱滑谷 Word
こつかつや Reading Kotsukatsuya Romaji

怱那 Word
くつな Reading Kutsuna Romaji

倉卒 Word 草卒 Word 怱卒 Word
そうそつ Reading
sudden Translation eng hurried Translation eng busy Translation eng precipitate Translation eng abrupt Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger Zustand, in Eile zu sein Translation ger

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