Character kindness, mercy, charity Definition
EN1 Pinyin jan1 Jyutping ON On MEGUMU Kun Hangul UN Korean *qən Tang ân Viet

おん Reading
favour Translation eng favor Translation eng obligation Translation eng debt of gratitude Translation eng Dankbarkeit Translation ger Liebe Translation ger Gnade Translation ger Gunst Translation ger Wohltat Translation ger Mitleid Translation ger Freundlichkeit Translation ger Güte Translation ger Wohlwollen Translation ger Mitgefühl Translation ger Sympathie Translation ger faveur Translation fre obligation Translation fre

ご恩 Word 御恩 Word
ごおん Reading
(received) favor, kindness or blessing (favour) Translation eng

おしみ Reading Oshimi Romaji

おん Reading On Romaji

めぐ Reading Megu Romaji

めぐみ Reading Megumi Romaji

めぐむ Reading Megumu Romaji

Traditional Simplified
en1 Pinyin
favor English grace English kindness English

Traditional Simplified
en1 Pinyin
Güte (u.E.) (Rel) Deutsch

en1 Reading Pinyin オン Reading On めぐみ Nanori eun Reading Korean Reading Korean
grace Meaning kindness Meaning goodness Meaning favor Meaning mercy Meaning blessing Meaning benefit Meaning faveur Meaning fr gentillesse Meaning fr bonté Meaning fr pitié Meaning fr grâce Meaning fr bénédiction Meaning fr bienfait Meaning fr gracia Meaning es bondad Meaning es favor Meaning es bendición Meaning es compasión Meaning es graça Meaning pt gentileza Meaning pt bondade Meaning pt favor Meaning pt misericórdia Meaning pt benção Meaning pt benefício Meaning pt

恩がある Word
おんがある Reading
to be in one's debt Translation eng in jmds. Schuld stehen Translation ger

恩に着る Word
おんにきる Reading
to feel oneself indebted to Translation eng jmdm. verbunden sein Translation ger

恩を売る Word
おんをうる Reading
to demand gratitude Translation eng

恩愛 Traditional 恩爱 Simplified
en1 ai4 Pinyin
conjugal love English

恩愛 Word
おんあい Reading おんない Reading
kindness and affection Translation eng love Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger Liebe Translation ger Anhänglichkeit Translation ger Zuneigung Translation ger Güte und Liebe Translation ger привя́занность Translation rus любо́вь Translation rus

恩愛 Word
おんあい Reading On'ai Romaji

恩愛沢 Word
おんあいざわ Reading On'aizawa Romaji

恩本 Word
おんもと Reading Onmoto Romaji

恩幣 Word
おんべ Reading Onbe Romaji

恩波利 Traditional 恩波利 Simplified
en1 bo1 li4 Pinyin
Empoli (u.E.) (Geo) Deutsch

恩部 Word
おんべ Reading Onbe Romaji

恩蔵 Word
おんぞう Reading Onzou Romaji

恩藏 Word
おんぞう Reading Onzou Romaji

恩馳島 Word
おんばせとう Reading Onbasetou Romaji

恩寵 Word
おんちょう Reading
grace Translation eng favour Translation eng favor Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger Gnade Translation ger Gunst Translation ger

恩讐 Word 恩讎 Word
おんしゅう Reading
love and hate Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger Liebe und Hass Translation ger

恩川 Word
おんかわ Reading Onkawa Romaji

恩川 Word
おんが Reading Onga Romaji

恩慈 Word
うんざぜ Reading Unzaze Romaji

恩慈 Word
おんじ Reading Onji Romaji

恩慈 Traditional 恩慈 Simplified
en1 ci2 Pinyin
bestowed kindness English

恩賜 Traditional 恩赐 Simplified
en1 ci4 Pinyin
favor English to give charity to sb out of pity English

恩賜 Word
おんし Reading
Imperial gift Translation eng kaiserliches Geschenk Translation ger kaiserliche Schenkung Translation ger kaiserliche Gabe Translation ger cadeaux impérial Translation fre

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