Character kind, charitable, benevolent Definition
CI2 Pinyin ci4 Jyutping JI On ITSUKUSHIMU ITSUKUSHIMI Kun Hangul CA Korean *dzhiə Tang từ Viet

いつく Reading Itsuku Romaji

うつみ Reading Utsumi Romaji

しげる Reading Shigeru Romaji

Reading Ji Romaji

ちか Reading Chika Romaji

めぐ Reading Megu Romaji

めぐみ Reading Megumi Romaji

めぐむ Reading Megumu Romaji

やすし Reading Yasushi Romaji

よしみ Reading Yoshimi Romaji

Traditional Simplified
ci2 Pinyin
compassionate English gentle English merciful English kind English humane English

Traditional Simplified
ci2 Pinyin
gutmütig (u.E.) (Adj) Deutsch

ci2 Reading Pinyin Reading On いつく.しむ Reading Kun しげ Nanori ちか Nanori めぐみ Nanori よし Nanori ja Reading Korean Reading Korean
mercy Meaning miséricorde Meaning fr pitié Meaning fr affection Meaning fr amar Meaning es encariñarse Meaning es misericordia Meaning es tener misericordia Meaning es misericórdia Meaning pt

慈しみ Word
いつくしみ Reading
affection Translation eng love Translation eng Liebe Translation ger Zuneigung Translation ger Zärtlichkeit Translation ger

慈しむ Word
いつくしむ Reading
to love Translation eng to be affectionate to Translation eng to pity Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger zärtlich lieben Translation ger liebevoll behandeln Translation ger liebkosen Translation ger sorgen Translation ger Sorge tragen Translation ger bedauern Translation ger bemitleiden Translation ger affectionner Translation fre aimer Translation fre chérir Translation fre

慈靄 Traditional 慈霭 Simplified
ci2 ai3 Pinyin
kindly and amiable English

慈愛 Traditional 慈爱 Simplified
ci2 ai4 Pinyin
love English devotion (to children) English affection, esp. towards children English

慈愛 Word
じあい Reading
affection Translation eng kindness Translation eng love Translation eng zarte Liebe Translation ger Mütterlichkeit Translation ger Zuneigung Translation ger Zärtlichkeit Translation ger affection Translation fre tendresse Translation fre

慈愛 Word
いつみ Reading Itsumi Romaji

慈愛 Word
しげえ Reading Shigee Romaji

慈愛 Word
やすえ Reading Yasue Romaji

慈愛園 Word
じあいえん Reading Jiaien Romaji

慈悲 Word
じひ Reading
compassion Translation eng benevolence Translation eng charity Translation eng mercy Translation eng Barmherzigkeit Translation ger Erbarmen Translation ger Mitleid Translation ger Nächstenliebe Translation ger Wohltat Translation ger bienveillance Translation fre charité Translation fre compassion Translation fre pitié Translation fre сострада́ние Translation rus милосе́рдие Translation rus

慈悲 Traditional 慈悲 Simplified
ci2 bei1 Pinyin
mercy English

慈悲成 Word
じひなり Reading Jihinari Romaji

慈悲尾 Word
しいのお Reading Shiinoo Romaji

慈悲心 Word
じひしん Reading
benevolence Translation eng mitleidiges Herz Translation ger сострада́ние Translation rus чу́вство сострада́ния Translation rus

慈本 Word
じほん Reading Jihon Romaji

慈歩 Word
いつほ Reading Itsuho Romaji

慈菜 Word
じな Reading Jina Romaji

慈船寺 Word
じせんじ Reading Jisenji Romaji

慈代 Word
やすよ Reading Yasuyo Romaji

慈道 Word
じどう Reading Jidou Romaji

慈地現 Word
じちげん Reading Jichigen Romaji

慈恩 Word
じおん Reading Jion Romaji

慈恩寺 Word
じおんじ Reading Jionji Romaji

慈爾 Word
しげじ Reading Shigeji Romaji

慈芳 Word
じほう Reading Jihou Romaji

慈夫 Word
しげお Reading Shigeo Romaji

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