Character bosom, breast; carry in bosom Definition
U+61F7 Variant

ふところ Reading
bosom Translation eng bust Translation eng (breast) pocket Translation eng purse Translation eng handbag Translation eng Busen Translation ger Brust Translation ger Tasche Translation ger Beutel Translation ger Geldbeutel Translation ger Tiefe Translation ger Geist Translation ger Denken Translation ger bourse Translation fre poche de poitrine Translation fre poitrine Translation fre sein Translation fre

きたす Reading Kitasu Romaji

なつき Reading Natsuki Romaji

ふところ Reading Futokoro Romaji

ゆかし Reading Yukashi Romaji

Traditional Simplified
huai2 Pinyin
Japanese variant of |怀 English

huai2 Reading Pinyin カイ Reading On Reading On ふところ Reading Kun なつ.かしい Reading Kun なつ.かしむ Reading Kun なつ. Reading Kun なつ.ける Reading Kun なず.ける Reading Kun いだ. Reading Kun おも. Reading Kun かね Nanori hoe Reading Korean Reading Korean
pocket Meaning feelings Meaning heart Meaning yearn Meaning miss someone Meaning become attached to Meaning bosom Meaning breast Meaning poche Meaning fr bourse Meaning fr sentiments Meaning fr coeur Meaning fr apprivoiser Meaning fr nostalgie Meaning fr aspirer à Meaning fr s'attacher à Meaning fr manquer (personne) Meaning fr seins Meaning fr añoranza Meaning es nostalgia Meaning es bolsillo propio Meaning es añorar Meaning es echar de menos Meaning es pensar Meaning es bolso Meaning pt sentimentos Meaning pt coração Meaning pt saudades Meaning pt sentir saudades Meaning pt torna-se ligado a Meaning pt seio Meaning pt peitos Meaning pt

思う Word 想う Word 憶う Word 念う Word 懐う Word
おもう Reading
to think Translation eng to consider Translation eng to believe Translation eng to think (of doing) Translation eng to plan (to do) Translation eng to judge Translation eng to assess Translation eng to regard Translation eng to imagine Translation eng to suppose Translation eng to dream Translation eng to expect Translation eng to look forward to Translation eng to feel Translation eng to desire Translation eng to want Translation eng to recall Translation eng to remember Translation eng denken Translation ger vermuten Translation ger glauben Translation ger meinen Translation ger für etw. halten Translation ger erwarten Translation ger fühlen Translation ger wünschen Translation ger hoffen Translation ger wollen Translation ger vorhaben Translation ger beabsichtigen Translation ger fürchten Translation ger sich denken Translation ger sich vorstellen Translation ger croire Translation fre penser Translation fre думать Translation rus считать Translation rus полагать Translation rus

懐かし Word
なつかし Reading
dear Translation eng desired Translation eng missed Translation eng

懐かしい Word
なつかしい Reading
dear Translation eng desired Translation eng missed Translation eng lieb Translation ger teuer Translation ger ersehnt Translation ger sich sehnen Translation ger Sehnsucht haben Translation ger Nostalgie verspüren Translation ger wehmütig Translation ger nostalgique Translation fre
懐く・なつく Crossref

懐く Word
なつく Reading
to become emotionally attached Translation eng hängen an Translation ger lieb gewinnen Translation ger sich gewöhnen Translation ger zahm werden Translation ger avoir de l'affection pour Translation fre s'attacher à Translation fre
懐かしい Crossref

懐かしむ Word
なつかしむ Reading
to yearn for (miss) someone (thing) Translation eng sich sehnen Translation ger avoir la nostalgie de Translation fre

懐が寂しい Word 懐が淋しい Word
ふところがさびしい Reading
strapped for cash Translation eng hard up Translation eng knapp bei Kasse sein Translation ger

懐の深い Word
ふところのふかい Reading
broad-minded Translation eng
懐が深い Crossref

抱く Word 懐く Word
いだく Reading だく Reading うだく Reading
to embrace Translation eng to hold in the arms (e.g. a baby) Translation eng to hug Translation eng to harbour (e.g. grudge) (harbor) Translation eng to bear (e.g. a grudge) Translation eng to entertain (e.g. suspicion) Translation eng to sleep with Translation eng to sit on eggs Translation eng (schriftspr.) im Herzen tragen Translation ger hegen Translation ger nähren Translation ger pflegen Translation ger in die Arme nehmen Translation ger couver (œufs) Translation fre éprouver (un sentiment) Translation fre ressentir Translation fre coucher avec Translation fre étreindre Translation fre embrasser Translation fre porter dans ses bras Translation fre

懐ける Word
なつける Reading
to win over Translation eng to win another's heart Translation eng jmds. Herz gewinnen Translation ger zähmen Translation ger apprivoiser Translation fre conquérir l'amitié, le cœur de quelqu'un Translation fre faire s'attacher qqun à soi Translation fre

懐こい Word
なつこい Reading
amiable Translation eng affable Translation eng likable Translation eng

床しい Word 懐しい Word
ゆかしい Reading
admirable Translation eng charming Translation eng refined Translation eng nostalgic Translation eng curious Translation eng eager to know (or see, experience, etc.) Translation eng seit langer Zeit existierend Translation ger ansprechend Translation ger anziehend Translation ger einnehmend Translation ger vornehm Translation ger respektvoll Translation ger

懐っこい Word
なつっこい Reading
amiable Translation eng affable Translation eng likable Translation eng

懐抱 Word
かいほう Reading
idea borne in mind Translation eng (schriftspr.) Am-Herzen-Tragen Translation ger (n) Translation ger Im-Herzen-Tragen Translation ger (n) Translation ger Denken Translation ger (n) Translation ger Fühlen Translation ger (n) Translation ger

懐春 Word
やすはる Reading Yasuharu Romaji

懐刀 Word
ふところがたな Reading
confidant Translation eng right-hand man Translation eng dagger Translation eng versteckter Dolch Translation ger heimlicher Ratgeber Translation ger rechte Hand Translation ger

懐帝 Word
かいてい Reading Kaitei Romaji

懐感 Word
えかん Reading Ekan Romaji

懐具合 Word 懐工合 Word
ふところぐあい Reading
one's financial standing Translation eng finanzielle Lage Translation ger

懐古 Word
かいこ Reading
recalling the old days Translation eng nostalgia Translation eng reminiscences Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger Erinnerung an alte Zeiten Translation ger Rückblick auf die Vergangenheit Translation ger Reminiszenz Translation ger Nostalgie Translation ger

懐古的 Word
かいこてき Reading
old fashioned Translation eng

懐古趣味 Word
かいこしゅみ Reading
nostalgia for the good old days Translation eng retro-culture Translation eng

懐古園 Word
かいこえん Reading Kaikoen Romaji

懐海 Word
えかい Reading Ekai Romaji

懐加 Word
なつか Reading Natsuka Romaji

懐剣 Word
かいけん Reading
dagger Translation eng Dolch Translation ger

懐旧 Word
かいきゅう Reading
recalling the old days Translation eng nostalgia Translation eng reminiscences Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger Rückerinnerung Translation ger Rückblick auf die vergangene Zeit Translation ger Erinnerung an die alten Zeiten Translation ger

懐旧談 Word
かいきゅうだん Reading
reminiscences Translation eng Erinnerungen Translation ger

懐璃 Word
なつり Reading Natsuri Romaji

懐良 Word
かねなが Reading Kanenaga Romaji

懐炉 Word
かいろ Reading
pocket heater Translation eng hand warmer Translation eng heater pack Translation eng Taschenwärmer Translation ger

ほっかいろ Reading
(chemical) body warmer Translation eng
懐炉 Crossref

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