Character house, building; room Definition
FANG2 PANG2 Pinyin fong2 fong4 Jyutping BOU HOU On FUSA HEYA Kun Hangul PANG Korean *bhiɑng Tang phòng Viet

Word Word
ふさ Reading
tuft Translation eng tassel Translation eng bunch (of grapes, etc.) Translation eng section (of an orange, etc.) Translation eng Quaste Translation ger Franse Translation ger Büschel Translation ger Traube Translation ger botte Translation fre frange Translation fre houpe Translation fre poignée Translation fre touffe Translation fre

ぼう Reading
chamber Translation eng room Translation eng home of a monk Translation eng monk Translation eng Chinese "room" constellation (one of the 28 mansions) Translation eng
二十八宿 Crossref Crossref

一房 Word
ひとふさ Reading
bunch (of grapes) Translation eng section (of an orange) Translation eng

すえじ Reading Sueji Romaji

すえつぎ Reading Suetsugi Romaji

すえつぐ Reading Suetsugu Romaji

すえはる Reading Sueharu Romaji

すえもり Reading Suemori Romaji

すえよし Reading Sueyoshi Romaji

すえわか Reading Suewaka Romaji

ぱん Reading Pan Romaji

ふさ Reading Fusa Romaji

ふさかつ Reading Fusakatsu Romaji

ふさざき Reading Fusazaki Romaji

ふさじ Reading Fusaji Romaji

ふさまさ Reading Fusamasa Romaji

ぼう Reading Bou Romaji

Traditional Simplified
Fang2 Pinyin
surname Fang English

Traditional Simplified
fang2 Pinyin
house English room English

Traditional Simplified
fang2 Pinyin
Haus (u.E.) Deutsch

fang2 Reading Pinyin ボウ Reading On ふさ Reading Kun Nanori のぶ Nanori Nanori bang Reading Korean Reading Korean
tassel Meaning tuft Meaning fringe Meaning bunch Meaning lock (hair) Meaning segment (orange) Meaning house Meaning room Meaning pompon Meaning fr touffe Meaning fr frange Meaning fr grappe Meaning fr boucle (cheveu) Meaning fr quartier (orange) Meaning fr épouse Meaning fr chauffage / climatisation Meaning fr maison Meaning fr chambre Meaning fr racimo Meaning es manojo Meaning es casita Meaning es moita Meaning pt franja Meaning pt punhado Meaning pt mecha (cabelo) Meaning pt gomos (laranja) Meaning pt casa Meaning pt quarto Meaning pt

房ヶ谷 Word
ぼうけやつ Reading Boukeyatsu Romaji

房ヶ谷戸 Word
ぼうがやど Reading Bougayado Romaji

房ヶ関 Word
ふさがせき Reading Fusagaseki Romaji

房ケ畑 Word
ぼうがはた Reading Bougahata Romaji

房ヶ畑 Word
ぼうがはた Reading Bougahata Romaji

房の海 Word
ふさのうみ Reading Fusanoumi Romaji

房の内 Word
ぼうのうち Reading
inside of a chamber Translation eng

房の屋 Word
ふさのや Reading Fusanoya Romaji

房安 Word
ふさやす Reading Fusayasu Romaji

房邦 Word
ふさくに Reading Fusakuni Romaji

房浜 Word
ふさはま Reading Fusahama Romaji

房保 Word
ふさやす Reading Fusayasu Romaji

房本 Word
ふさもと Reading Fusamoto Romaji

房艙 Traditional 房舱 Simplified
fang2 cang1 Pinyin
(ship's) cabin English

房蔵 Word
ふさぞう Reading Fusazou Romaji

房產 Traditional 房产 Simplified
fang2 chan3 Pinyin
real estate English the property market (e.g. houses) English

房產中介 Traditional 房产中介 Simplified
fang2 chan3 zhong1 jie4 Pinyin
real estate agent English

房長 Word
ふさなが Reading Fusanaga Romaji

房常 Word
ふさつね Reading Fusatsune Romaji

房暢 Word
ふさお Reading Fusao Romaji

房車 Traditional 房车 Simplified
fang2 che1 Pinyin
recreational vehicle English

房車 Traditional 房车 Simplified
fang2 che1 Pinyin
Wohnwagen (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

房出 Word
ぼうで Reading Boude Romaji

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