Character collect, draw in, gather; receive Definition
XI1 CHA1 Pinyin kap1 Jyutping SOU On ATSUKAU OSAMERU KOKU Kun Hangul KUP SAP Korean gắp Viet
U+63D2 Variant

あつか Reading Atsuka Romaji

Traditional Simplified
xi1 Pinyin
collect English receive English

Traditional Simplified
xi1 Pinyin
abholen, einsammeln (u.E.) Deutsch

xi1 Reading Pinyin ソウ Reading On キュウ Reading On あつか. Reading Kun あつか. Reading Kun あつか. Reading Kun . Reading Kun geub Reading Korean sab Reading Korean Reading Korean Reading Korean
handle Meaning entertain Meaning thresh Meaning strip Meaning manoeuvrer Meaning fr prendre en main Meaning fr battre Meaning fr arracher Meaning fr tratar Meaning es manejar Meaning es desempeñar Meaning es cabo Meaning pt entreter Meaning pt debulhar Meaning pt desnudar Meaning pt

扱い Word
あつかい Reading
treatment Translation eng service Translation eng Behandlung Translation ger Handhabung Translation ger Bearbeitung Translation ger

扱い方 Word
あつかいかた Reading
way with (an animal) Translation eng how to handle Translation eng Bearbeitungsweise Translation ger Art und Weise, etw. zu behandeln Translation ger

扱う Word
あつかう Reading
to handle Translation eng to deal with Translation eng to treat Translation eng behandeln Translation ger bewirten Translation ger empfangen Translation ger führen Translation ger betreiben Translation ger mit etw. zu tun haben Translation ger handeln mit ... Translation ger handhaben Translation ger bearbeiten Translation ger handeln mit ... Translation ger Geschafte machen mit ... Translation ger prendre qqch. en main Translation fre traiter Translation fre

扱き下ろす Word 扱下ろす Word こき下ろす Word 扱きおろす Word
こきおろす Reading
to denounce Translation eng to disparage Translation eng to lambast Translation eng to abuse Translation eng heruntermachen Translation ger herabsetzen Translation ger herabwürdigen Translation ger durch den Kakao ziehen Translation ger scharf kritisieren Translation ger

扱き落とす Word
こきおとす Reading
to thresh Translation eng

扱き使う Word こき使う Word 扱使う Word
こきつかう Reading
to work someone hard Translation eng ausnützen Translation ger schinden Translation ger quälen Translation ger

扱く Word
しごく Reading
to draw through one's hand Translation eng to stroke (a beard) Translation eng to work someone hard Translation eng

扱く Word
こく Reading
to thresh Translation eng to strip Translation eng

扱ぐ Word
こぐ Reading
to pull up by the roots Translation eng

扱和 Word
こぎわ Reading Kogiwa Romaji

扱屋 Word
こまや Reading Komaya Romaji

扱沢 Word
ぐみざわ Reading Gumizawa Romaji

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