Unicode 5.2
Character Definition to play with , handle things
Pinyin LONG4 NONG4 On ROU RU Kun MOTEASOBU Viet lỏng

KanjiDic2 100402
Reading Pinyin long4 ; nong4 Reading On ロウ ; ル Reading Kun いじく .る ; いじ .る ; ひねく .る ; たわむ . れる ; もてあそ .ぶ ; せせ .る
Meaning play with ; handle things

JMdict 100319
Word 挵る
Reading せせる
Translation eng to perform a small motion repetitively (e.g., picking or poking something )

JMdict 100319
Word 挵蝶
Reading せせりちょう
Translation eng skipper butterfly

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