Character clasp under arm; hold to bosom Definition
XIE2 JIA1 XIA2 Pinyin haap6 hip6 Jyutping KYOU SHOU On HASAMU Kun Hangul HYEP Korean xáp Viet
U+631F Simplified

Traditional Simplified
jia1 Pinyin
hold between English

Traditional Simplified
xie2 Pinyin
to clasp under the arm English to coerce English

Traditional Simplified
xie2 Pinyin
nötigen, zwingen (u.E.) Deutsch

xie2 Reading Pinyin jia2 Reading Pinyin xia2 Reading Pinyin キョウ Reading On ショウ Reading On はさ. Reading Kun はさ.まる Reading Kun わきばさ. Reading Kun さしはさ. Reading Kun はざ Nanori hyeob Reading Korean Reading Korean
put between Meaning insert Meaning jam Meaning get caught Meaning sandwich Meaning

挟む Word 挾む Word
はさむ Reading
to interpose Translation eng to hold between Translation eng to insert Translation eng einlegen Translation ger einschieben Translation ger einstecken Translation ger zwischen etw. stecken Translation ger einklemmen Translation ger klemmen Translation ger nehmen Translation ger unterbrechen Translation ger ins Spiel bringen Translation ger insérer (?) Translation fre interposer Translation fre maintenir au milieu Translation fre

挾本 Word
はさもと Reading Hasamoto Romaji

挾場 Word
はさば Reading Hasaba Romaji

挾持 Traditional 挟持 Simplified
xie2 chi2 Pinyin
to seize English

挾持 Traditional 挟持 Simplified
xie2 chi2 Pinyin
jmd gewaltsam festhalten (u.E.) (V) Deutsch

挾帶 Traditional 挟带 Simplified
xie2 dai4 Pinyin
to carry along English to carry on one's person English to carry secretly English

挾訪 Word
すわ Reading Suwa Romaji

挟撃 Word 挾撃 Word
きょうげき Reading
pincer movement Translation eng pincer attack Translation eng {Milit.} (schriftspr.) Translation ger Angriff in einer Zangenbewegung Translation ger Zangenangriff Translation ger Angriff von beiden Seiten Translation ger attaque sur les deux flancs Translation fre mouvement en tenaille Translation fre

挾間 Word
はさま Reading Hasama Romaji

挾間 Word
はざま Reading Hazama Romaji

挾間田 Word
はさまだ Reading Hasamada Romaji

挾間町 Word
はさままち Reading Hasamamachi Romaji

挾石 Word
はさみいし Reading Hasamiishi Romaji

挾田 Word
はさだ Reading Hasada Romaji

挾土 Word
はさど Reading Hasado Romaji

挾土 Word
はせど Reading Hasedo Romaji

挾細拿粗 Traditional 挟细拿粗 Simplified
xie2 xi4 na2 cu1 Pinyin
to provoke English

挾怨 Traditional 挟怨 Simplified
xie1 yuan4 Pinyin
to hold a grudge English

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