Character lead by hand, take with; carry Definition
XI1 XI2 XIE2 Pinyin kwai4 Jyutping KEI On TAZUSAERU Kun Hangul HYU Korean
U+651C Traditional

すがる Reading Sugaru Romaji

Traditional Simplified
xie2 Pinyin
to carry English to take along English to bring along English to hold (hands) English

Traditional Simplified
xie2 Pinyin
halten, festhalten (u.E.) Deutsch mitbringen (u.E.) Deutsch mitnehmen (u.E.) Deutsch tragen, befördern (u.E.) Deutsch

xie2 Reading Pinyin ケイ Reading On たずさ.える Reading Kun たずさ.わる Reading Kun hyu Reading Korean Reading Korean
portable Meaning carry (in hand) Meaning armed with Meaning bring along Meaning portatif Meaning fr porter en main Meaning fr armé (d'un ..) Meaning fr amener Meaning fr portátil Meaning es llevar en mano Meaning es portátil Meaning pt carregar (na mão) Meaning pt armado com Meaning pt trazer consigo Meaning pt

携える Word
たずさえる Reading
to carry in one's hand Translation eng (in der Hand) Translation ger tragen Translation ger mit sich nehmen Translation ger bei sich haben Translation ger Hand in Hand gehen Translation ger jmdn. mitbringen Translation ger porter (à la main) Translation fre

携わる Word
たずさわる Reading
to engage in Translation eng to participate Translation eng to take part Translation eng sich beteiligen Translation ger teilnehmen Translation ger sich einmischen Translation ger sich beschäftigen Translation ger faire partie de Translation fre participer Translation fre
従事 Crossref

従事 Word
じゅうじ Reading
engaging Translation eng pursuing Translation eng following (e.g. profession or occupation) Translation eng Beschaftigung mit ... Translation ger s'employer à... Translation fre se consacrer à... Translation fre travailler dans... Translation fre
携わる Crossref

攜帶 Traditional 携带 Simplified
xie2 dai4 Pinyin xi1 dai4 Taiwan
to carry (on one's person) English to support (old) English

攜帶者 Traditional 携带者 Simplified
xie2 dai4 zhe3 Pinyin
carrier English

携帯 Word
けいたい Reading ケイタイ Reading ケータイ Reading
something carried (in the hand) Translation eng handheld Translation eng mobile telephone Translation eng cell phone Translation eng bei sich haben Translation ger bei sich tragen Translation ger mitnehmen Translation ger mitfuhren Translation ger mitbringen Translation ger mit sich fuhren Translation ger tragbar Translation ger Hand... Translation ger Koffer... Translation ger (als Präfix) Translation ger porte sur soi (suru) Translation fre
携帯電話 Crossref

携帯カメラ Word
けいたいカメラ Reading
hand camera Translation eng Handkamera Translation ger ручная камера Translation rus ручной фотоаппарат Translation rus

携帯電話 Word
けいたいでんわ Reading
mobile telephone Translation eng cellular telephone Translation eng Handy Translation ger Mobiltelefon Translation ger tragbares Telefon Translation ger мобильный телефон Translation rus сотовый телефон Translation rus

携番 Word ケー番 Word
けいばん Reading ケーばん Reading ケーバン Reading ケイバン Reading
mobile phone number Translation eng
携帯番号 Crossref

携帯番号 Word
けいたいばんごう Reading
mobile phone number Translation eng
ケー番 Crossref

携帯可能 Word
けいたいかのう Reading
portable Translation eng

携帯品 Word
けいたいひん Reading
personal effects Translation eng hand baggage Translation eng persönliche Habe Translation ger Handgepäck Translation ger

PDA Word
ピーディーエー Reading
personal digital assistant Translation eng PDA Translation eng
携帯情報端末 Crossref

携帯型 Word
けいたいがた Reading
portable (style) Translation eng

携帯用 Word
けいたいよう Reading
portable Translation eng mobile use Translation eng

攜手 Traditional 携手 Simplified
xie2 shou3 Pinyin
hand in hand English to join hands English to collaborate English

攜手 Traditional 携手 Simplified
xie2 shou3 Pinyin
Hand in Hand (u.E.) (V) Deutsch

携行 Word
けいこう Reading
carrying Translation eng Mitnehmen Translation ger Mitbringen Translation ger

携子 Word
けいこ Reading Keiko Romaji

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