Character to scold, upbraid, accuse, reproach Definition
CHI4 Pinyin cik1 Jyutping SEKI On SHIRIZOKERU Kun Hangul CHEK Korean chiɛk Tang xịch Viet

すみあき Reading Sumiaki Romaji

すみお Reading Sumio Romaji

すみとし Reading Sumitoshi Romaji

すみとも Reading Sumitomo Romaji

すみひろ Reading Sumihiro Romaji

Traditional Simplified
chi4 Pinyin
to blame English to reprove English to reprimand English to expel English to oust English to reconnoiter English (of territory) to expand English saline marsh English

chi4 Reading Pinyin セキ Reading On しりぞ.ける Reading Kun cheog Reading Korean Reading Korean
reject Meaning retreat Meaning recede Meaning withdraw Meaning repel Meaning repulse Meaning rejeter Meaning fr se retirer Meaning fr repousser Meaning fr rechazar Meaning es repeler Meaning es ahuyentar Meaning es alejar Meaning es rejeitado Meaning pt recuo Meaning pt retirada Meaning pt retroceder Meaning pt repelir Meaning pt empurrar Meaning pt

退く Word 斥く Word
しりぞく Reading
to step back Translation eng to move back Translation eng to leave (the presence of a superior) Translation eng to withdraw Translation eng to retreat Translation eng to concede Translation eng to resign Translation eng to retire Translation eng to quit Translation eng

退ける Word 斥ける Word 却ける Word
しりぞける Reading
to repel Translation eng to drive away Translation eng to repulse Translation eng to reject Translation eng jmdn. sich entfernen lassen Translation ger verjagen Translation ger zurücktreiben Translation ger zurückschlagen Translation ger (den Feind) Translation ger etw. zurückweisen Translation ger etwas ablehnen Translation ger jmdm. befehlen Translation ger sein Amt zu verlassen Translation ger jmdn. seines Amtes entheben Translation ger repousser Translation fre

叱喝 Traditional 斥喝 Simplified
chi4 he4 Pinyin
aufschreien (u.E.) (V) Deutsch

斥候 Word
せっこう Reading
scout Translation eng patrol Translation eng spy Translation eng Ausspähen Translation ger Auskundschaften Translation ger Patrouillieren Translation ger Späher Translation ger Patrouille Translation ger Streife Translation ger

斥候 Traditional 斥候 Simplified
chi4 hou4 Pinyin
to reconnoiter English to scout English scout English

斥候兵 Word
せっこうへい Reading
reconnoitering party Translation eng scout (army) Translation eng Späher Translation ger Kundschafter Translation ger Aufklärer Translation ger

斥候隊 Word
せっこうたい Reading
reconnoitering party Translation eng scout (army) Translation eng Spähtrupp Translation ger Patrouille Translation ger

斥候山 Word
ものみやま Reading Monomiyama Romaji

斥堠 Traditional 斥堠 Simplified
chi4 hou4 Pinyin
Kundschafter (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

斥力 Word
せきりょく Reading
repulsion Translation eng repulsive force Translation eng {Phys.} Abstoßung Translation ger Abstoßungskraft Translation ger

斥力 Traditional 斥力 Simplified
chi4 li4 Pinyin
repulsion (in electrostatics) English repulsive force English

斥鹵 Traditional 斥卤 Simplified
chi4 lu3 Pinyin
saline marsh English salt English

斥罵 Traditional 斥骂 Simplified
chi4 ma4 Pinyin
to scold English

斥責 Traditional 斥责 Simplified
chi4 ze2 Pinyin
to lash out English to reprimand English

斥責者 Traditional 斥责者 Simplified
chi4 ze2 zhe3 Pinyin
Denunziant (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

斥資 Traditional 斥资 Simplified
chi4 zi1 Pinyin
to spend English to allocate funds English

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