Character leisure, relaxation, spare time Definition
XIA2 XIA4 Pinyin haa6 Jyutping KA On HIMA ITOMA Kun Hangul KA Korean Tang hạ Viet

Word Word Word
ひま Reading いとま Reading
leaving Translation eng departing Translation eng spare time Translation eng free time Translation eng leisure Translation eng time off Translation eng day off Translation eng vacation Translation eng holiday Translation eng leave Translation eng quitting (one's job) Translation eng firing someone Translation eng divorcing (one's spouse) Translation eng (of one's time) free Translation eng (of one's business) slow Translation eng (schriftspr.) Zeit Translation ger freie Zeit Translation ger Muße Translation ger Entlassung Translation ger Abschied Translation ger Verabschiedung Translation ger Lebewohl Translation ger Adieu Translation ger Urlaub Translation ger loisirs Translation fre temps libre Translation fre (1) вре́мя Translation rus свобо́дное вре́мя Translation rus (2) о́тпуск Translation rus (3) увольне́ние Translation rus
御暇 Crossref
Restriction Restriction

Traditional Simplified
xia2 Pinyin
leisure English

Traditional Simplified
xia2 Pinyin
Freizeit (u.E.) Deutsch

xia2 Reading Pinyin xia4 Reading Pinyin Reading On ひま Reading Kun いとま Reading Kun ga Reading Korean Reading Korean
spare time Meaning rest Meaning leisure Meaning time Meaning leave of absence Meaning temps libre Meaning fr repos Meaning fr loisirs Meaning fr temps Meaning fr congé Meaning fr tiempo libre Meaning es descanso Meaning es ocio Meaning es tiempo libre ocio Meaning es separación Meaning es adiós Meaning es tempo livre Meaning pt descanso Meaning pt lazer Meaning pt tempo Meaning pt ausência Meaning pt

お暇 Word 御暇 Word
おいとま Reading
leaving Translation eng going home Translation eng quitting one's job Translation eng free time Translation eng leisure Translation eng spare time Translation eng Fortgehen Translation ger verlassen des Ortes, an dem man ist Translation ger Abschied Translation ger
暇・いとま Crossref

暇がない Word 暇が無い Word
ひまがない Reading
busy Translation eng having no (free) time Translation eng keine Zeit haben Translation ger keine Freizeit haben Translation ger

暇が出る Word
ひまがでる Reading
to be discharged Translation eng

暇潰し Word 暇つぶし Word
ひまつぶし Reading
waste of time Translation eng killing time Translation eng Zeitvertreib Translation ger Zeitvergeudung Translation ger perte de temps Translation fre

暇な商売 Word
ひまなしょうばい Reading
dull business Translation eng

暇な時 Word
ひまなとき Reading
leisure time Translation eng Freizeit Translation ger pendant son temps libre Translation fre

暇を潰す Word 暇をつぶす Word
ひまをつぶす Reading
waste time Translation eng kill time Translation eng

暇を出す Word
ひまをだす Reading
to fire someone Translation eng to discharge someone Translation eng to divorce one's wife Translation eng

暇を見て Word
ひまをみて Reading
at odd moments Translation eng

時間潰し Word 時間つぶし Word
じかんつぶし Reading
timewasting Translation eng killing time Translation eng
暇潰し Crossref

暇乞い Word
いとまごい Reading
leave-taking Translation eng offering one's resignation Translation eng farewell visit Translation eng Abschiedsbesuch Translation ger Lebewohlsagen Translation ger

暇取る Word
ひまどる Reading
to take time Translation eng Zeit kosten Translation ger Zeit rauben Translation ger lange dauern Translation ger sich verzögern Translation ger être long Translation fre prendre du temp Translation fre

暇人 Word 閑人 Word 隙人 Word
ひまじん Reading かんじん Reading
man of leisure Translation eng woman of leisure Translation eng Freund der Muße Translation ger

暇暇 Word 暇々 Word
ひまひま Reading
one's leisure hours Translation eng freie Zeit Translation ger Zeit zwischen wichtigen Dingen Translation ger

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