Character already; sign of past Definition
CENG2 ZENG1 Pinyin cang4 zang1 Jyutping SO SOU ZOU On KATTE SUNAWACHI Kun Hangul CUNG Korean *dzhəng *tzəng Tang tằng Viet
U+66FD Variant

Word Word
ひい Reading Reading そう Reading
great (i.e. great-grandson, great-grandmother) Translation eng

あい Reading Ai Romaji

そう Reading Sou Romaji

そん Reading Son Romaji

Traditional Simplified
ceng2 Pinyin
once English already English former English previously English (past tense marker used before verb or clause) English

Traditional Simplified
zeng1 Pinyin
surname Zeng English great-grand (father) English

Traditional Simplified
ceng2 Pinyin
früher einmal (u.E.) (Adj) Deutsch schon einmal (u.E.) (Adj) Deutsch jemals (u.E.) Deutsch

ceng2 Reading Pinyin zeng1 Reading Pinyin ソウ Reading On Reading On ゾウ Reading On かつ. Reading Kun .って Reading Kun すなわち Reading Kun jeung Reading Korean Reading Korean
once Meaning before Meaning formerly Meaning ever Meaning never Meaning ex- Meaning

Traditional Simplified
ceng1 Pinyin
[ceng2] Variant
already English former English used in Japanese names with phonetic value zo, so or English

曾ケ端 Word
そがはし Reading Sogahashi Romaji

嘗て Word 曾て Word 都て Word
かつて Reading かって Reading
once Translation eng before Translation eng formerly Translation eng ever Translation eng former Translation eng ex- Translation eng never (with negative verb) Translation eng einmal Translation ger früher Translation ger einstmals Translation ger vormals Translation ger früher Translation ger jemals Translation ger niemals Translation ger

曾貝 Word
そがい Reading Sogai Romaji

曾本 Word
そもと Reading Somoto Romaji

曾比 Word
そび Reading Sobi Romaji

曾波 Word
そわ Reading Sowa Romaji

曾布川 Word
そふかわ Reading Sofukawa Romaji

曾布川 Word
そぶかわ Reading Sobukawa Romaji

曾布川 Word
そぶがわ Reading Sobugawa Romaji

曾部 Word
そべ Reading Sobe Romaji

曾倉 Word
そくら Reading Sokura Romaji

曾場 Word
そば Reading Soba Romaji

曾池 Word
そいけ Reading Soike Romaji

曾川 Word
あいかわ Reading Aikawa Romaji

曾川 Word
そかわ Reading Sokawa Romaji

曾川 Word
そがわ Reading Sogawa Romaji

曾雌 Word
そし Reading Soshi Romaji

曾村 Word
そむら Reading Somura Romaji

曾代島 Word
そよしま Reading Soyoshima Romaji

曾地 Word
そち Reading Sochi Romaji

曾槙 Word
そまき Reading Somaki Romaji

曾爾 Word
そじ Reading Soji Romaji

曾爾 Word
そに Reading Soni Romaji

曾爾村 Word
そにむら Reading Sonimura Romaji

曾伐 Word
そばつ Reading Sobatsu Romaji

曾伐部 Word
そがべ Reading Sogabe Romaji

曾方 Word
そがた Reading Sogata Romaji

曾福 Word
そふく Reading Sofuku Romaji

曾根 Word
そね Reading Sone Romaji

曾根 Word
そねざき Reading Sonezaki Romaji

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