Character change, replace, substitute for Definition
TI4 Pinyin tai3 Jyutping TAI TEI On KAERU SUTARERU KAWARU Kun Hangul CHEY Korean tèi Tang thế Viet

Traditional Simplified
ti4 Pinyin
to substitute for English to take the place of English to replace English for English on behalf of English to stand in for English

ti4 Reading Pinyin タイ Reading On .える Reading Kun .え- Reading Kun .わる Reading Kun かえ Nanori che Reading Korean Reading Korean
exchange Meaning spare Meaning substitute Meaning per- Meaning substituer Meaning fr remplacer Meaning fr échanger Meaning fr cambio Meaning es sustitución Meaning es intercambio Meaning es cambiar Meaning es sustituir Meaning es intercambiar Meaning es convertir Meaning es troca Meaning pt reserva Meaning pt substituto Meaning pt por- Meaning pt

替え Word
かえ Reading
change Translation eng alteration Translation eng substitute Translation eng Ersatz Translation ger Reserve Translation ger Vertretung Translation ger

換える Word 替える Word 代える Word
かえる Reading
to replace Translation eng to exchange Translation eng to interchange Translation eng to substitute Translation eng wechseln Translation ger auswechseln Translation ger tauschen Translation ger austauschen Translation ger umtauschen Translation ger vertauschen Translation ger einsetzen für Translation ger austauschen gegen Translation ger ersetzen Translation ger an die Stelle setzen Translation ger einsetzen Translation ger Stelle einnehmen Translation ger échanger Translation fre remplacer Translation fre substituer Translation fre

替え地 Word 替地 Word
かえち Reading
substitute land or lot Translation eng Tauschgrundstück Translation ger

替え歌 Word 替歌 Word
かえうた Reading
parody (of a song) Translation eng nachgedichtetes Lied Translation ger parodistische Nachdichtung Translation ger Parodie Translation ger Variation Translation ger Umdichtung Translation ger

替え刃 Word 替刃 Word
かえば Reading
spare or new razor blade Translation eng Ersatzklinge Translation ger

替え心 Word 替え芯 Word
かえしん Reading
spare lead Translation eng Miene Translation ger Bleistiftmine Translation ger

替え玉 Word 替玉 Word
かえだま Reading
substitute Translation eng double Translation eng second serving (ball) of noodles (to add to previously purchased ramen) Translation eng Strohmann Translation ger Double Translation ger Ersatz Translation ger Ersatzmann Translation ger Stellvertreter Translation ger Surrogat Translation ger

替え着 Word
かえぎ Reading
change of or spare clothing Translation eng Kleider zum Wechseln Translation ger zweiter Anzug Translation ger

替わり Word
かわり Reading
a turn (i.e. at bat) Translation eng a replacement Translation eng Vertreter Translation ger Stellvertreter Translation ger Ersatz Translation ger Nachschlag Translation ger

替わり狂言 Word
かわりきょうげん Reading
upcoming program Translation eng upcoming programme Translation eng folgende Kyôgen Translation ger

替わる Word 代わる Word 代る Word 換わる Word
かわる Reading
to take the place of Translation eng to relieve Translation eng to be substituted for Translation eng to be exchanged Translation eng to change places with Translation eng to take turns Translation eng to be replaced Translation eng an jmds. Stelle treten Translation ger sich abwechseln Translation ger tauschen Translation ger ablösen Translation ger umgetauscht werden Translation ger être échangé Translation fre être remplacé par Translation fre prendre la place de Translation fre

替班 Traditional 替班 Simplified
ti4 ban1 Pinyin
to act as substitute English to fill in for sb English

替補 Traditional 替补 Simplified
ti4 bu3 Pinyin
to substitute for sb English reserve player English

替補 Traditional 替补 Simplified
ti4 bu3 Pinyin
Ersetzung (u.E.) (S) Deutsch Reservist (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

替代 Traditional 替代 Simplified
ti4 dai4 Pinyin
to substitute for English to replace English to supersede English

替代品 Traditional 替代品 Simplified
ti4 dai4 pin3 Pinyin
substitute English alternative English

替代品 Traditional 替代品 Simplified
ti4 dai4 pin3 Pinyin
Ersatz (u.E.) (S) Deutsch Ersatzbeschaffung (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

替代燃料 Traditional 替代燃料 Simplified
ti4 dai4 ran2 liao4 Pinyin
alternative fuel English

替代物 Traditional 替代物 Simplified
ti4 dai4 wu4 Pinyin
Ersatz (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

替地 Word
かえち Reading Kaechi Romaji

替工 Traditional 替工 Simplified
ti4 gong1 Pinyin
replacement worker English substitute worker English

替戸 Word
かいと Reading Kaito Romaji

替換 Traditional 替换 Simplified
ti4 huan4 Pinyin
exchange English shift English switch English

替換性 Traditional 替换性 Simplified
ti4 huan5 xing4 Pinyin
Austauschbarkeit (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

替津田 Word
かえつだ Reading Kaetsuda Romaji

替崎 Word
かいざき Reading Kaizaki Romaji

替山 Word
かえやま Reading Kaeyama Romaji

替身 Traditional 替身 Simplified
ti4 shen1 Pinyin
stuntman English to work as substitute for sb else English scapegoat English fall-guy English

替死鬼 Traditional 替死鬼 Simplified
ti4 si3 gui3 Pinyin
person blamed for sb else's faults English scapegoat English fall-guy English

替所 Word
かいしょ Reading Kaisho Romaji

替田 Word
かえだ Reading Kaeda Romaji

替罪 Traditional 替罪 Simplified
ti4 zui4 Pinyin
to cancel out a crime English to receive punishment as a scapegoat English

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