Character condition or appearance of moon Definition
LONG2 LONG3 Pinyin lung4 Jyutping ROU On OBORO Kun Hangul LONG Korean lung Tang
U+80E7 Simplified

おぼろ Reading Oboro Romaji

Traditional Simplified
long2 Pinyin
rising moon English

long2 Reading Pinyin ロウ Reading On おぼろ Reading Kun rong Reading Korean Reading Korean
haziness Meaning dreaminess Meaning gloom Meaning

朧気 Word 朧げ Word
おぼろげ Reading
vague Translation eng faint Translation eng dim Translation eng indistinct Translation eng dunkel Translation ger unbestimmt Translation ger vage Translation ger

朧谷 Word
おぼろや Reading Oboroya Romaji

朧毛 Word
おぼろげ Reading Oboroge Romaji

朧気 Word
おぼろけ Reading Oboroke Romaji

朧気 Word
おぼろげ Reading Oboroge Romaji

朧夜 Word
おぼろよ Reading
misty, moonlit night Translation eng trübe Mondnacht Translation ger (<Jahreszeitenwort: Frühling>) Translation ger

朧月 Word
おぼろづき Reading
hazy moon Translation eng durch Wolken verhangener Mond Translation ger

朧月 Word
ほろり Reading Horori Romaji

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