Character clause, condition; string, stripe Definition
TIAO2 Pinyin tiu4 tiu5 Jyutping JOU CHOU DEKI On EDA SUJI Kun Hangul CO Korean *dheu Tang điều Viet
U+6761 Simplified

じょう Reading Jou Romaji

じょうじ Reading Jouji Romaji

tiao2 Reading Pinyin ジョウ Reading On チョウ Reading On デキ Reading On えだ Reading Kun すじ Reading Kun jo Reading Korean Reading Korean
article Meaning ray of light Meaning

人命 Traditional 人命 Simplified
ren2 ming4 Pinyin
human life English

公路 Traditional 公路 Simplified
gong1 lu4 Pinyin
public road English

反間計 Traditional 反间计 Simplified
fan3 jian4 ji4 Pinyin
stratagem of sowing dissension English

圍巾 Traditional 围巾 Simplified
wei2 jin1 Pinyin
scarf English shawl English

大街 Traditional 大街 Simplified
da4 jie1 Pinyin
street English main street English

大路 Traditional 大路 Simplified
da4 lu4 Pinyin
avenue English

好漢 Traditional 好汉 Simplified
hao3 han4 Pinyin
hero English strong and courageous person English

山脈 Traditional 山脉 Simplified
shan1 mai4 Pinyin
mountain range English

Traditional Simplified
dai4 Pinyin
band English belt English girdle English ribbon English tire English area English zone English region English to wear English to carry English to lead English to bring English to look after English to raise English

彩帶 Traditional 彩带 Simplified
cai3 dai4 Pinyin
colored ribbon English streamer English

林蔭大道 Traditional 林荫大道 Simplified
lin2 yin1 da4 dao4 Pinyin
boulevard English tree-lined avenue English

棧閣 Traditional 栈阁 Simplified
zhan4 ge2 Pinyin
plank road built along the side of a cliff English

毛巾 Traditional 毛巾 Simplified
mao2 jin1 Pinyin
towel English

泥鰍 Traditional 泥鳅 Simplified
ni2 qiu5 Pinyin
loach English mud fish English

浴巾 Traditional 浴巾 Simplified
yu4 jin1 Pinyin
bath towel English

消息 Traditional 消息 Simplified
xiao1 xi5 Pinyin
news English information English

Traditional Simplified
qu2 Pinyin
big English stream or canal English drain English ditch English him (toplect) English outer rim of a carriage wheel (old) English

漁船 Traditional 渔船 Simplified
yu2 chuan2 Pinyin
fishing boat English

牙線 Traditional 牙线 Simplified
ya2 xian4 Pinyin
dental floss English

牛仔褲 Traditional 牛仔裤 Simplified
niu2 zai3 ku4 Pinyin
jeans English also written 牛崽褲|牛崽裤 English

牛崽褲 Traditional 牛崽裤 Simplified
niu2 zai3 ku4 Pinyin
jeans English also written 牛仔褲|牛仔裤 English

箍帶 Traditional 箍带 Simplified
gu1 dai4 Pinyin
strap English

Traditional Simplified
si1 Pinyin
silk English thread English trace English

繩子 Traditional 绳子 Simplified
sheng2 zi5 Pinyin
cord English string English rope English

美人計 Traditional 美人计 Simplified
mei3 ren2 ji4 Pinyin
sex trap English sexual entrapment English

肩帶 Traditional 肩带 Simplified
jian1 dai4 Pinyin
shoulder strap English shoulder harness English shoulder belt English baldric English

胳臂 Traditional 胳臂 Simplified
ge1 bei5 Pinyin
arm English

Traditional Simplified
tui3 Pinyin
leg English

Traditional Simplified
jing1 Pinyin
stalk English stem English

蘿蔔 Traditional 萝卜 Simplified
luo2 bo5 Pinyin
radish English

Traditional Simplified
she2 Pinyin
snake English serpent English

蠐螬 Traditional 蛴螬 Simplified
qi2 cao2 Pinyin
grub English

Traditional Simplified
jie1 Pinyin
street English

街道 Traditional 街道 Simplified
jie1 dao4 Pinyin
street English

衚衕 Traditional 胡同 Simplified
hu2 tong4 Pinyin
lane English alley English

裙子 Traditional 裙子 Simplified
qun2 zi5 Pinyin
skirt English

褲子 Traditional 裤子 Simplified
ku4 zi5 Pinyin
trousers English pants English

西瓜 Traditional 西瓜 Simplified
xi1 gua1 Pinyin
watermelon English

Traditional Simplified
lu4 Pinyin
road English path English way English

路線 Traditional 路线 Simplified
lu4 xian4 Pinyin
itinerary English route English political line (e.g. right revisionist road) English

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